short ugg boots cheap USF run game moves forward without Mack

grey uggs USF run game moves forward without Mack

Replacing a horse like Marlon Mack is never easy, but it’s a necessity if the USF football team wants its record setting offense to keep on rolling on.

Mack, the all time leading rusher in Bulls history, declared for the NFL draft after his junior year, leaving a huge hole to fill.

“We shouldn’t miss a beat,” Tice said. “We should be fine. We’re going to be fine. Because what we’re running, all you’ve got to do is read what you’ve got to read and do your responsibility.”

Running backs will play a key role in new offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert’s offense.

They’ll be asked to relay signals from the bench to the offensive line in Gilbert’s high paced, no huddle attack.

Tice is back for a fifth year after being granted a medical redshirt for 2017 following a season ending injury against Florida State early last fall.

He’ll likely serve as a complimentary back to senior D’Ernest Johnson.

The versatile Johnson, who can also return kicks, had four games with over 90 yards from scrimmage in 2016.

He’s now expected to be the primary ball carrier to fill Mack’s big shoes.

“It means a lot to me, and my family also,
short ugg boots cheap USF run game moves forward without Mack
and the team,” Johnson said. “I’m just going out there and just trying to do my best. Just going out there and trying to have fun.”

Running backs coach Shaun King, a Gibbs High School graduate who used a huge senior year at Tulane to propel himself into being a second round NFL draft pick by the Buccaneers, believes Johnson could also explode in his final year of college eligibility.

“He doesn’t have a ceiling,” King said. “Can I quote Jordan that, ‘the ceiling is the roof’ (laughs)? No, he doesn’t have a ceiling. And I told him, you’re one of those rare backs who can take it 80 (yards), who can get a yard in a tough situation.”

The Bulls only currently have four backs on scholarship, but sophomore Trevon Sands and redshirt freshman Elijah Mack have proven this spring that they could provide quality depth.

“We’re all hard working,” Johnson said. “We all come out here to compete each and every day. We stay on each other. I like our vibe just going out there and pushing each other.”
short ugg boots cheap USF run game moves forward without Mack

ugg outlet stores User or SEO Friendly

ugg boots retailers User or SEO Friendly

Search engines robots (or spiders, crawlers) and live users see a Website in a different way, and sometimes it happens that your Website looks very user friendly but it TMs absolutely inappropriate for SE. If you start doing search engine optimization (SEO) for the Website you may find it to be a very hard and thankless task ” the SEO ed site looks boring and looses its charm and unique style. How to keep the balance? I will give you 5 tips that will help you to make your site friendly both for users and search engines.

Tip 1.

In SEO text content is the main factor and you must give it the best place on your home page. What is the best place? Remember how a spider follows the page ” it starts from meta tags collecting necessary information about the page from content of tag head and then index the content of tag body. It has only few seconds to spider the code so the text content must be placed in the fist 1/3 of the code to be indexed well until the robot quits the page and follows its further way.

Usually HTML page has table structure and many Website designers like to place image banner in the header of the page, then horizontal or vertical menu comes, and only then text section appears. It TMs wrong structure and it must be changed if you want your site to be SEO friendly. The text must contain your main keywords but at the same time must be user friendly ” readable, easy to understand and interesting. How to keep the balance? For example, your Website is about new and used cars, car dealers, and car spare parts. don TMt try to hide it playing with color of text and background or font size,
ugg outlet stores User or SEO Friendly
using layers, styles, etc. ” sooner or later you will be caught by search engines and penalized. Better aim all your efforts at making this piece of your home page nice and user friendly. graphical element that must attract attention of users.

I have given you simple examples how to balance text content for users and robots. You can try your own options basing on the general idea.

Tip 2. at your Website are needed for users to attract their attention and give them better understanding of the site theme. However search engines also pay attention to images, namely to their names and tag alt. It will be considered as spamming! Use common sense and name images according to their content but with relation to your keywords. Also remember that Google and other similar search engines also index the images and show them in the search results, so keep the naming rational and appropriate and it will give good results to your Website.

The same thing is about using text in alt tag. Simple placing of all your keywords in alts of the images can only be considered as spamming and your site can be penalized. Use normal short phrases that will give users better understanding of what your site is about if they have difficulty with viewing images, and place your main keywords in the phrases. Make it look normal and rational.

Title and description

Most users don TMt pay attention to your Website title (shown in the title bar of browser) while visiting it. But they do when they search information in search engines and go through the search results ” your site is shown there with its title and description by which users decide is it worth visiting. That TMs why the title and description must reflect theme and content of your site 100% correctly and be understandable, catching, and promising for users.

But what TMs about search engines? I think it is not secret that content of the tag title plays the greatest role when search engines sort your site among other search results. Having certain keywords in the title gives your site better position for these keywords. But it TMs not correct to just place your keywords in the title using or even not using commas. It TMs a kind of art to find balance between wish to be 1 in search engines and fear to be caught for spamming.
ugg outlet stores User or SEO Friendly

ugg bailey Used Ways to Convince Investors to Put Money into Your Business

dark brown ugg boots Used Ways to Convince Investors to Put Money into Your Business

Hi I Evan Carmichael and welcome to a special video edition of Ask Evan. Today post is brought to you by American Express Canada. They have just launched a new Facebook page called Amex for Business Canada so if you liked my videos in the past, please check out their page and let me know what you think.

Alright, so today I going to answer a question from one of my readers Vinit who wrote in asking:

The problem for me is that I am an undergraduate and my total experience is approx. 24 months. The biggest problem for me is to make a business plan for investors and then convince them about my capability. Have a great day and thanks again for the information. Most business plans get rejected right on the spot and you don get a chance to even come in and present your case.

The plans might have been poorly written, the idea might not have been interesting enough, or we had serious doubts about the entrepreneur capability of being able to make this a success.

One of the best ways to stand out from everyone else is to achieve sales. Just get one person to buy from you and show investors that people are willing to actually pay you for what you do and you separate yourself from 90% of the other entrepreneurs who are pitching their ideas.

You don have to be making a lot of money but proof that someone is willing to buy your products or services is a great first step to establishing credibility with potential investors.

2) Build an Advisory Board

After the executive summary, one of the first places an investor will turn to in your business plan is your management team. They want to know who they are potentially investing in and what kind of experience you have.

The less experience you and your team have, the harder it will be to convince investors to give you money.

One way around this is to build an advisory board. Talk to people who do have experience and ask them if they be willing to be your advisors. They not liable like they would be if they were on your Board of Directors and the compensation for their advice is up to you. Often advisors are willing to join because they are excited about the future of your company and they don ask for any immediate compensation.

Being able to show that you have a solid team of advisors will go a long way to boosting your credibility and increase the chances of you getting the money you looking for.

3) Pass the Grandmother Test

There an expression within the venture capital industry around if your executive summary and business plan passes the grandmother test. In other words,
ugg bailey Used Ways to Convince Investors to Put Money into Your Business
would your grandmother understand the opportunity if you gave your business plan to her?

Remember that most investors are generalists. They know a little bit about your industry but they won know it as well as you do. Too many entrepreneurs fill their business plans with jargon, complex industry terms and tech speak, so much so that investors have a hard time understanding what their companies are all about.

If an investor can read your executive summary once and immediately understand what the opportunity is, then your business plan is going straight into the garbage and they moving on to the next opportunity. Make sure you show your plan to people who do not know your market and see if they can understand it before you start pitching investors. Pass the grandmother test!I hope that helps Vinit! Remember if you want to increase your credibility with investors and improve the chances of them investing in your business:

Hi Evan great video, simple and to the point.

I recently had a business and investment opportunity that I wanted to raise capital for. Needed approximately $1.5M to get it off the ground. Wrote the business plan and a pretty snazzy powerpoint presentation. I wish I seen this video before I started. Now I have to go back and re write parts of it.

Still a great learning experience going through the process. Especially the Grandmother test. There is definately a good opportunity for that lazy money from retirees looking to invest into ventures that produce good income returns.

Great blog and has given me lots of ideas for my own. Thank you.

I have an invention which Davision Corp. is helping me with. Right now it is in the engineering stage. Iam going to have the Davision Corp. Make out a check to who ever invest in the project and they will make out a check to me too. The project is a toy and it also will be A carnival ride which people will really enjoy. The Davision Corp. is targeting Huntar Corp. to produce and market the toy world wide. The Davision Corp will Take 10% of every 100000.00 dollars which comes in . and the rest will go to who ever invest and to me. I am trying to get my family off from social securty and supplement social security benifits. Who ever invest will make a lot of money every month.
ugg bailey Used Ways to Convince Investors to Put Money into Your Business

ugg boot deals used sneakers are as hot as tattered jeans once were

ugg boots sale womens used sneakers are as hot as tattered jeans once were

Hoping to start a run on old Nikes Fashion: In Japan, used sneakers are as hot as tattered jeans once were. Marketers hope that translates to success in America. These used sneakers are worth more than some styles of new Nikes.

Just as used or old Levi’s became wearable collectibles in the early ’90s, older models of Nike, trailed distantly by Adidas, Converse and Puma, are poised to be the next trend in recycled fashion to arrive in the United States from Japan. At least, that’s what used fashion purveyors are hoping.

Kids into used clothing are checking out the shoes, said Josh Speyer, co owner of two Stateside stores.

“That old school sports stuff is hot right now,” he said. At Stateside’s loft, Speyer displays used synthetic track suits near used athletic shoes.

“It’s also part nostalgia,” Speyer said. “When something is so mass produced, people look for the collectible in it. They like to go into the roots of the thing.”

The biggest consumers of these shoes, however, remain the Japanese.

For nearly two years, early model athletic shoes have been a craze in Japan, where at any one time, collectors will pay nearly $1,000 for a never worn 1985 basketball shoe called Nike Dunk, said Kurt Jensen, general manager at Farley Enterprises in Orem, Utah, which buys and sells early model athletic shoes.

“The Japanese wear uniforms in school,” said John Farley, president of Farley Enterprises. “They stake out identity by wearing things that are hard to come by. Walking down the street in Japan in a pair of shoes that no one else can get is what they’re after.”

One thing is clear: Buyers of vintage Nikes wear them for leisure not for sports activities. Vintage Nikes are a fashion statement the way used Levi’s once were.

For a short time, there was demand also for Adidas, Converse and Puma, but that has drastically dropped off because of highly volatile Japanese tastes in fashion, Farley said.

“When an item is hot there, it’s so hot for a short time that everyone has to have it,” he said. “Then, when it’s out,
ugg boot deals used sneakers are as hot as tattered jeans once were
it’s so over no one wants to wear it. that has a longer life span.”

Nike, with its powerful imagery in the United States, has been in an exceptional holding pattern, vintage Nike exporters say.

“Nike does a really good marketing job and keeps a really tight control on supply, so the demand goes higher for all of the vintage items,” Farley said. “It’s hard to kill the demand when the supply is always limited.”

Two categories of Nike shoes are most wanted: Running shoes such as LD 1000, LDV and Oregon Waffle are worth at least $300, according to retailers Farley Enterprises and Heller’s Cafe in Seattle; the other category is accelerated by one famous basketball player.

“Michael Jordan is really popular in Japan,” Farley said.

First through the seventh edition Air Jordans can command $140 $400, according to a Farley Enterprises report, with prices changing each month, depending on the demand.

In some cases, die hard collectors bid for hard to find models through auctions in Japan.

But before you dig up old Nikes from the basement, know that not just any old pair will do, Jensen said.

The year and model partly determine price. To find out the year of a shoe, the serial number in the inside of the shoe is the best indicator. The first two digits of the serial number correspond to the year the shoe was made. Other signs of age: an orange “swoosh” on the tongue, waffle bottoms and block lettering on the back of the heel.

Rips, tears, holes, cracks and missing parts except for shoelaces diminish the value of the shoe. People are going to use the shoes in rainy weather, so they must be in wearable condition.

Size is crucial: Most Japanese men wear sizes 8 10 1/2 , with 9 the most popular, Jensen said.

If the size is outside this range, the shoe has less value, no matter how pristine it is, unless it is a hard to find collector’s item, said Larry McKaughan, president of Heller’s Cafe.

Colors are also important, McKaughan said. In general, brighter is more valuable. Green is popular, he said.
ugg boot deals used sneakers are as hot as tattered jeans once were

black uggs size 5 Used Jaguar XF review

children uggs Used Jaguar XF review

A full used buyer’s guide to the Jaguar XF covering the XF Mk1 (2008 2015)VerdictAs if to prove that it marked a fresh start for Jaguar, the XF scooped our Car of the Year award back in 2008, before taking first place in Driver Power 2009. It followed this up with five top five places in a row in our annual satisfaction survey four of which were top three positions and as a result, Auto Express readers crowned the XF as the Driver Power Car of the Decade in 2011. With such an impressive track record, it’s clear that the imminent new XF due in showrooms late this year has some big shoes to fill. But one thing’s for sure: if you’re in the market for a used exec, buying German is no longer the default option.For years, Jaguar’s design was stuck in the sixties, but the arrival of the XF heralded a new era for the British brand.Gone were the old school design cues introduced 50 years before, replaced by more modern lines. But it wasn’t just the looks that changed; here was a car that was class leading to drive and featured a superb interior, while the build quality was streets ahead of anything Jaguar had built before.In the eight years since it hit showrooms, we’ve heaped praise on the XF and so have our readers. It was named Car of the Decade in our Driver Power survey, and now you can buy one for less than 10,000.Models coveredThe Jaguar XF arrived in showrooms in early 2008 and has been one of the best executive cars on the market ever since. A new version arrived in 2015, but it’s the original Mk1 that we are concentrating on.A refresh in March 2009 saw a 5.0 V8 replace the 4.2 litre, the SV8 become the XFR and the 2.7 V6 diesel replaced by a 237bhp 3.0 litre. A year later, a high power (275bhp) 3.0 litre diesel arrived, in the XF S.The XF was facelifted in September 2011, and got its first four cylinder engine, the 188bhp 2.2D. A year later, the Sportbrake estate launched, alongside a 161bhp version of the 2.2D engine. And in May 2013, the 542bhp 5.0 litre V8 XFR S was unleashed.PricesTwo year old cars will be between 20,000 and 38,000 depending on specification, while a four year old XF will be in the 16,500 to 32,000 bracket. Visit our sister site BuyaCar for the latest used Jaguar XF prices and dealsJaguar XF reviewsJaguar XF in depth reviewJaguar XF 2.2d reviewJaguar XF 2.2d R Sport reviewJaguar XF 2.7d reviewJaguar XF 3.0d reviewJaguar XF 3.0 S/C reviewJaguar XFR reviewJaguar XF Sportbrake in depth reviewJaguar XF 2.2d Sportbrake reviewJaguar XF long term test reviewWhich one should I buy?All engines are smooth, refined and muscular. Most XFs have diesel power and while the 3.0 litre V6 is superb, the 2.7 provides generous power and torque. Pick of the crop, though, is the sublime XF S.No model is sparsely equipped; even the Luxury comes with sat nav, climate and cruise control, eight way electrically adjustable seats, leather trim, touchscreen multimedia, 17 inch alloys and rear parking sensors. Premium Luxury adds 10 way seat adjustment, a premium sound system, 18 inch wheels and a heated windscreen.Portfolio models feature heated and cooled seats, a 1,200 watt sound system, auto dimming mirrors and 19 inch alloy wheels. A DAB radio and adaptive cruise control were options on all versions.Alternatives the Jaguar XF Mk1The Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class all offer prestige, space, quality and comfort, along with wide ranging engine and trim choices. You’ll pay more for these than an equivalent XF, but all come in estate guise, too. Uniquely in this market, the Audi is also available with four wheel drive.If you fancy something more unusual, the Lexus GS offers superb refinement, an impeccable reliability record and superb equipment. There are no diesels or estates, but you can still go green as the GS 450h is an affordable used hybrid exec.If you want something truly leftfield, consider the Volkswagen Phaeton. It stands out with its roomy cabin, equipment galore and keen second hand prices.
black uggs size 5 Used Jaguar XF review

ugg original Use This App To Meet Women

size 4 ugg boots Use This App To Meet Women

Do you want to be more successful with women? What guy wouldn’t want to be more successful in meeting and attracting women? For me one of the hardest things in the pick up was asking for a girls number. I mean half the time they said no, the other half they gave me the number to the local Pizza Hut or something. It was with this bad luck that I ran across this cool little app called the “JM Mind Reader”. I have tried this app out quite a few times and I have to say it works well and it does exactly what is advertised. Let me go over some of its features with you.

The app is light so it won’t take up a lot of room on your phone. It has the sole purpose of making it easier for you to get a woman’s phone number. Here is how it works. You have been sitting around talking to her for 10 to 15 minutes. You have told your best jokes and looked her deeply in the eyes (lol). You want to ask her for her number but you have no idea how you are going to do it. This is when this app comes in handy. Ask the girl if she believes in the power of chemistry, then whip out your phone.

If you have ever heard of a principle in magic called equivoque, that is how this trick works. This is where you just(unknown to the spectator) force them to pick a pre selected item. The best part about all this is not the corny magic trick, but the fact that no girl is going to tell you no to giving you her number when it is for a magic trick. You are doing a simple magic trick not asking her to marry you. It is simple and gorgeous.

The app comes with great instructions on how to do it and a website you can visit for several routines you can use to make the “magic” work. If you have a phone with the Android operating system you should give the “JM Mind Reader” a try. I am not sure if they plan to put it on the iPhone, but they really should consider it. Best of all is its price. The app is free.
ugg original Use This App To Meet Women

ugg winter boots use Prince hologram at Super Bowl

ugg boots on clearance use Prince hologram at Super Bowl

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Sheila E. said Justin Timberlake reached out to her after she tweeted that Prince didn’t want to be turned into a hologram and said she has been assured there will be no hologram of the late superstar at Sunday’s Super Bowl.

TMZ reported Saturday that Timberlake was set to use a hologram of Prince during his halftime show performance. But Sheila E. said Sunday in an interview with The Associated Press that a hologram won’t appear.

“Prince had told me . don’t let anybody do a hologram of him for religious reasons, so I just posted that if this happened it’s kind of messed up and not cool,” the Grammy nominated performer said.

“And then Justin’s people reached out to my manager and wanted to talk to me about it and we had a great conversation,” she added. “And I felt that it was OK to respond and let the fans know he said great things about Prince and the fans and how important they are. So it was a good conversation.”

Sheila E. made the comments ahead of her tailgate performance at Nomadic Live at The Armory in Minnesota.

Timberlake said he looked up to Prince and admired him during a press conference Thursday in Minnesota. It was the same day the pop star held a listening party for his new album at Paisley Park.

Holograms of A list celebrities have appeared in recent years,
ugg winter boots use Prince hologram at Super Bowl
from Tupac Shakur to Roy Orbison, whose hologram is set to go on a tour.

In an AP interview Saturday, Sting said he would not want to have his likeness portrayed in a hologram.

“I don’t want to be hologrammed. I really don’t. God knows who they will team me up with, you know. No. I’m going to write in my will that I am not to be hologrammed,
ugg winter boots use Prince hologram at Super Bowl
” he said.

ugg boots size Use our interactive seat by seat map to see who won in your constituency

womens uggs on sale Use our interactive seat by seat map to see who won in your constituency

Scottish election 2016 results: Use our interactive seat by seat map to see who won in your constituencyTHE Scottish parliament election results for 2016 are now in. Our special graphic gives you the latest political face of Scotland, and you can compare this year’s results with 2011.09:45, 6 MAY 2016Updated09:48, 6 MAY 2016Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email

THE 5th May 2016 has now passed and the Scottish election results are now in.

Here is our interactive map of Scotland which shows you how the election has panned out across the country.

Our map has updated throughout the early hours of the morning to show the colour of the winning part in each constituency.

Craig WhyteRangers’ liquidators locked in 2.8m legal battle with firm once linked to Craig WhyteLawyers for Wavetower want a chunk of the 30m that liquidators BDO are believed to have recovered after the Ibrox club’s financial collapse.

Knife crimeKnife murderer who killed young dad is left fighting for his own life after prison stabbingViolent thug John Blake, who stabbed young dad of two Sean Stark to death, was attacked in Glenochil prison last weekend.

Glasgow’This guy has nothing’ Thousands raised for Glasgow homeless hero who guarded car with 450 insideJohn McMonagle wants to give James John McGeown 5000 to say thanks after he went out of his way to stop the cash being taken.

Kyle Falconer’Is that right ya p?’ Scots rocker Kyle Falconer ‘penniless’ after 25k bill for boozy air rageThe View frontman has been fined 1000, with another 24,000 in costs after squaring up to a fellow passenger and hurling a homophobic insult at a cabin crew member in June last year.

Bad WeatherNew weather warnings issued for ice with big freeze creating dangerous driving conditionsThe bad weather has led to a number of road collisions and a spike in the amount of injuries caused by people slipping.

BabiesBaby born with bowels outside his body gets all clear in time for ChristmasAlbie Daley developed Gastroschisis which affects one in 3000 babies and had to have life saving surgery at four hours old.

DrugsThree arrests after cops seize 150,000 drugs haul in GlasgowTwo men and a woman have been held in connection with alleged drug offences.

ChildrenYoung mum found dead in bed by nine year old son was ‘perfectly healthy’The shocked family of Carly Pitt say the 28 year old had no health issues and had not been ill before she died.

UK WorldDeath mystery probe after billionaire and wife found dead in basement of 4m homeThe bodies of drugs firm founder Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were found dead in the Toronto home the couple were in the process of selling.

Scottish PremiershipRangers vs St Johnstone team news plus previews of this weekend’s Scottish Premiership actionInjury and suspension news for the clash at Ibrox plus Celtic’s visit to Tynecastle to face Hearts and Aberdeen’s much anticipated clash with Neil Lennon’s Hibs.

Craig WhyteRangers’ liquidators locked in 2.8m legal battle with firm once linked to Craig WhyteLawyers for Wavetower want a chunk of the 30m that liquidators BDO are believed to have recovered after the Ibrox club’s financial collapse.

Knife crimeKnife murderer who killed young dad is left fighting for his own life after prison stabbingViolent thug John Blake, who stabbed young dad of two Sean Stark to death, was attacked in Glenochil prison last weekend.

Scottish PremiershipRangers vs St Johnstone live score and goal updates from the Scottish Premiership clash at IbroxGraeme Murty’s men are going for five wins on the bounce follow all the action here LIVE
ugg boots size Use our interactive seat by seat map to see who won in your constituency

womens uggs on sale use faith for political mileage

ugg home use faith for political mileage

Amreli (Gujarat), Dec 1: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, clarifying on Somnath Temple register controversy, has said he and his family members are “Shiv bhakts” (devotees of Lord Shiva), and he does not use his faith for political mileage.

Gandhi also said that he did not sign on the (non Hindu) register. “I didn sign on the register. BJP people had done that. I just signed on the visitors book,” he said.

“My grandmother, my family. we are devotees of Lord Shiva and we don need any certificate from others. Faith is a personal matter,
womens uggs on sale use faith for political mileage
we don want to do dalali (brokerage) on our faith. Don want to use our faith for political mileage of it,” said Gandhi on Thursday while addressing a meeting here in Gujarat.

“These issues are personal and usually kept in private. We don want any certificates on our faith from anyone,” he said.

A major controversy broke out on Wednesday over the Congress Vice President visit to Somnath Temple with the BJP questioning his faith, while the Congress hit back accusing the BJP of playing dirty politics and maintained Rahul Gandhi was a “devout Hindu”.

The controversy arose over Gandhi media coordinator Manoj Tyagi signing the register meant for non Hindus, which the Congress claimed was manipulated later by adding the names of Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel.

Moments after his visit, the social media was abuzz with pictures of a register showing the signature of Manoj Tyagi, with names of Gandhi and Patel on the left side.

Tyagi issued a statement that he had just signed the register in order to take media personnel inside the temple and not entered Rahul Gandhi or Ahmed Patel names. “These would have been added later,
womens uggs on sale use faith for political mileage
” he said in the statement.

ugg au USDA Announces Grants for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs

ugg boots sale uk clearance USDA Announces Grants for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs

WASHINGTON March 26, 2015 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the USDA awarded $9 million in grants to develop childhood obesity intervention programs through colleges and universities in 12 states and Puerto Rico. are overweight or obese, making this issue one of the greatest health challenges facing our nation, said Vilsack. is critical that we make the effort to help our children be healthy kids, and develop into healthy adults, said Vilsack.

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) made the awards through the AFRI Childhood Obesity Prevention Challenge Area.

This year projects include the University of Miami School of Medicine project a train the trainer model to deliver the evidence based Caregivers, Healthy Children early childhood obesity prevention toolkit to low income, multiethnic children. California State University will also create strategies for promoting healthy eating behaviors among children and families in the Hispanic community through classroom and at home activities.

Find a complete list of this year project descriptions on the NIFA website.

Successful projects funded in previous years include the University of Maine iCook project which developed online tools to encourage families to cook, eat, and exercise together while improving culinary skills and increasing physical activity; and Oregon State University project, Generating Rural Options for Weight Healthy Kids and Communities (GROW HKC), which implemented an obesity intervention program in three counties to promote healthy eating and increase physical activity, ultimately improving body mass indexes among rural children aged 5 8 years old.

In February 2015, NIFA made $6 million available for childhood obesity prevention research, education and extension activities through the fiscal year 2015 AFRI request for applications.

AFRI supports research, education, and extension work by awarding grants that address key problems of national,
ugg au USDA Announces Grants for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs
regional, and multi state importance in sustaining all components of food and agriculture. AFRI supports work in six priority areas: 1) plant health and production and plant products; 2) animal health and production and animal products; 3) food safety, nutrition and health; 4) bioenergy, natural resources and environment; 5) agriculture systems and technology; and 6) agriculture economics and rural communities. The Farm Bill builds on historic economic gains in rural America over the past six years, while achieving meaningful reform and billions of dollars in savings for taxpayers. Since enactment, USDA has made significant progress to implement each provision of this critical legislation, including providing disaster relief to farmers and ranchers; strengthening risk management tools; expanding access to rural credit; funding critical research; establishing innovative public private conservation partnerships; developing new markets for rural made products; and investing in infrastructure,
ugg au USDA Announces Grants for Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs
housing and community facilities to help improve quality of life in rural America.