uggs boots clearance Find the perfect gift for your teen

roxy ugg boots Find the perfect gift for your teen

If you have teens on your gift list, you either know exactly what they want for Christmas because they let you know at every turn, or you have no idea what they want because every time you ask, they just shrug and say, I dunno.

If you’re in the former crowd, congratulations, shopping for your teen should be fairly simple. If your teen falls into the I dunno category, you may need some ideas.

But no single gift is perfect for every teen, so here are some ideas based on what type of teen you have: the fashionista, the techie, the drama queen or king, the athlete, the intellectual or the gamer (video gamer, that is).

For the fashionista: Most of the teens I asked said they wanted cold, hard cash for Christmas. But most will settle for gift cards (Forever 21 is a favorite shopping place for the girls; guys like PacSun and Abercrombie).

I know I want some Ugg Boots, said Caisey Blunt, 17, of Del City. She was shopping on Black Friday with her friends Cherrish and Chelsea Abinah, 15 and 17, of Edmond. Cherrish falls into the fashionista category also, saying she really wants a jacket by The North Face.

Stylish sunglasses and watches are hot this season. Aviators in bold colors or bright metallics are huge, and Michael Kors oversized watches (or knockoff versions of the style) are the must have watch of the season and come in many vibrant shades.

For the intellectual: Chelsea Abinah is headed to college soon and wants a new notebook computer. Apple’s MacBook is the notebook of choice for the teen set. If they’re not requesting a notebook computer, some intellectuals, such as Cara Williams, 15,
uggs boots clearance Find the perfect gift for your teen
of Marlow, would like a desktop iMac. She also wants Adobe Photoshop so she can edit photos.

And don’t forget the Amazon Kindle or Barnes Noble Nookcolor readers for those intellectual types.

Her sister, Candace Williams, 18, a college freshman, wants art supplies since she is an art major. But she also wants clothes, she said. What teenage girl doesn’t?

For the gamer: Thomas Riley, 15, of Edmond, wants the new Halo Reach game. But since no teen really falls into only one category, he also fits into the athlete category (he’s a skater) and said he wants a long board skateboard.

If you don’t know which video game your kid wants, a great idea for the video game junkie is Gamefly. It’s a monthly service, similar to Netflix, that lets your teen rent games delivered by mail. The service starts at $5.95 per month, and Gamefly boasts more than 7,000 titles.

For the techie: This year’s must have gadget for the technologically inclined is, of course, the iPad. But there are some other fun choices that are a little less pricey. Smart phones are in high demand by teens as are gadgets to go with them. Ellen DeGeneres recently gave her studio audience a cool gadget: a Looxcie. It’s a hands free Bluetooth device for your smart phone (a good idea since Oklahoma is cracking down on teens talking while driving). The twist is that it also acts as a video camera, capturing up to five hours of video from the user’s eye level. Plus, you can answer calls while videoing.

For the drama queen or king: Several new miniature video cameras can capture all the drama in a tiny yet high definition package. The Flip line of video cameras can be designed to fit the personality and flair of your teen. You can even upload an image to personalize your Flip. The Vado, Kodak Playsport and Sony Bloggie are also good options. Best Buy has a huge selection.

For any teen: Last, but certainly not least, I don’t know a single teen who doesn’t want ” a new car! Or a slightly used car. But maybe yours already has one.

So, if none of these suggestions seem to fit your teen, here’s a one size fits all winner: Give your teen a box filled with as many $1 bills as you can afford. Or a Christmas tree decorated with them. Or a bathtub filled with them. Get creative and have a merry Christmas!
uggs boots clearance Find the perfect gift for your teen