ugg pink slippers Former College of Staten Island IT chief bought shoes

ugg grey boots Former College of Staten Island IT chief bought shoes

The College of Staten Island’s information technology chief used a CUNY credit card to buy shoes, video games and an electric guitar online, and sold the school’s electronics and old iPhones to line his own pockets, the state attorney general announced Wednesday.

Avi Gannon, 42, who public records show drew a $100,535 annual salary at CSI, stole $25,000 in total since starting the scam in May 2006, according to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office.

An anonymous tip in March 2011 alerted the college to the scheme, and he was dismissed from his post, first on paid then unpaid leave not long after, a law enforcement source told the Advance.

He would then allegedly doctor the receipts he submitted to the schools to make the items look like legitimate school purchases. In one case, he bought several shoes and sneakers for $205.20 but submitted a receipt that said he had purchased a video card for a computer, the complaint says.

He also used the purchasing card to buy items from Apple, both online and in person, between June 2010 and February 2011, according to the complaint. Investigators found out those items were registered to or used by his son, daughter and wife.

Finally, Gannon sold more than 75 items on eBay, including many of the Amazon purchases, used smart phones turned in by CSI employees, and hard drives and other electronics the school purchased from vendors, the complaint says.

Gannon pleaded guilty to grand larceny at his arraignment in Stapleton Criminal Court Wednesday, in exchange for a conditional discharge and a promise to pay $25,000 in restitution, Schneiderman’s office announced. He will also forgo more than $21,000 that CUNY would have otherwise paid him in annual leave, the attorney general’s office said.

“Some thieves think no one will notice if they ‘skim off the top’ from an employer over a period of years, robbing them of significant funds. But this type of crime is particularly insidious, especially when the victim is a treasured educational institution like CUNY,” Schneiderman said in a prepared statement. “My office will do everything it can to crack down on this kind of fraud and ensure that the money Gannon stole is returned to CUNY to support a quality education for its students.”

Gannon officially resigned from CSI in August, the law enforcement source said.

“Mr. Gannon breached the trust the College and the people of the state of New York placed in him as a public employee,” said CSI spokesman Ken Bach in a written statement Wednesday night. “The College is gratified for the work and cooperation of those within the college, the university and the public integrity bureau who brought to conclusion the investigation resulting in this conviction and restitution.”
ugg pink slippers Former College of Staten Island IT chief bought shoes