ugg boots real for me it’s Vera Bradley color

mens leather ugg boots for me it’s Vera Bradley color

1) I never have understood why people will pay those outrageous prices for QUILTED bags. Not LEATHER. Quilted fabric!

36.00! for a cell phone/ID tote mini wallet are you serious? More than 100 for a weekend tote bag?

2) Fat no, OBESE women who were clothes where you can see every roll. I’m all for accepting one’s body type but geez, people, do you honestly not see how you look? You think that looks good or flattering? Boob popping out, buttons popping off, fabric stretched to its limit (I fell for the poor fabric).

I sell on eBay, and I learned about Vera Bradley that way, while thrift shopping with a fellow ebay seller who was hunting for Vera Bradley stuff. I remember her showing me a bag and I just asked “Why??” and she wasn’t keen on it either but it sold well so she bought it to re sell.

I also don’t see the appeal of the patterns, to me it really looks like something your Grandma made for you with leftover fabric from a quilt project, and seems very “old” looking but not in a good way. Yet all the 18 to 22 year old females I currently attend school with have Vera Bradley backpacks.

On 2; I am a couple sizes bigger than I should be and I also don’t get why anyone would wear things that obviously don’t fit. It looks bad regardless of if you are heavy or skinny. My 15 year old will occasionally get lazy and try and “borrow” someone else’s t shirts (in the family) when he hasn’t planned out his laundry accordingly. and he is a string bean kid, so everyone else’s clothes are huge on him and he looks like some poor homeless kid living under a bridge.

All of the Victoria’s Secret “Love Pink” and “Pink” stuff. Honestly when I first saw these shirts and jackets and sweats I was totally confused (since I don’t shop at VS) and thought it was referring to the singer. Then I thought maybe it was some sexual euphemism? I guess it’s not but I still don’t get it.

Skinny jeans, because they look bad on probably 75% of the people who wear them.

UGG boots. I love boots, and I love boots with fur, and I love comfy/warm boots, but UGGs, to me, look like caveman shoes. Even the name sounds caveman like. I hate their primitive shapeless ness. They look, to me, like someone took a basic “boot making class” and that’s what they ended up with.

Ok, the one I will probably get the most flack for: big “fancy” designer purses,
ugg boots real for me it's Vera Bradley color
especially those with the logo splattered on every possible surface. I just feel like it is screaming “Look at me! Look at me! I have a $1000 purse!!” and I don’t understand that. Sorry. Just don’t. I understand the need for an attractive, quality purse or two (or three? four?) that is well made and will last. I just think that spending on a purse what some people spend on a good used car is kind of, well, I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

Now I will gladly find and sell any/all of these things to you on ebay, gently used, regardless of my own opinions.

There’s a place near me that specializes in Pandora charm bracelets and Vera Bradley accessories. I don’t get either of these phenomenon. My mom has a charm bracelet, but it’s an old fashioned one, with 18kt gold charms cast into shapes with faceted semi precious gems imbedded in them and what not. The Pandora charms just look costumey and trendy, not meaningful at all. Like the difference between a plastic Hallmark angel “collectable” statue and a Waterford crystal statue. The Vera Bradley stuff, is just weird. They look cute as diaper bags, for the “I’m a busy soccer mom with twin 2 year olds and I bake cookies for my 3rd grader’s Cub Scout troop and will breastfeed my kids til they get married” type. But not for women who have identities beyond the “mom” title.

For me it’s Tory Burch tunics. They aren’t quite as mainstream as say Uggs or Juicy was because they are more popular with the 30+ crowd, they don’t market tothe tween/teen set and can’t be found in every mall near you, but young starlets do wear them as cover ups or dresses. I picked one up once. The fabric was flimsy as all get out with some embroidery around the neck and cuffs for $300 for a basic one. I could buy a better made and prettier tunic from one of the African or Indian clothing stores for one tenth the price.

Nah, not really. I’ve been everything from a size 7 to a size 22. Spandex makes you feel very much like you are “letting it all hang out” when you are bigger. A larger woman can go to extremes and wear too tight / too revealing stuff, but just as unattractive is too large/tent stuff. When I first got fat (after having my first kid), I had no experience with how to dress at that size. I was used to being relatively slender and dressing in whatever I wanted, which was usually form fitting stuff. At the “new” size, I was totally mortified and I wore these huge dresses that just made me look bigger, but even though everyone close to me was telling me that they were NOT flattering,
ugg boots real for me it's Vera Bradley color
I was so ashamed and uncomfortable in my own skin that I could not “allow” myself to wear things that fit.