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Dec. Barrie about that feisty flying lad who refuses to grow up.

The musical “Pan,” which once upon a time drew large audiences, first in New York, then in a spate of telecasts during TV’s golden age, all starring Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard, will be reborn on the network airwaves largely intact.

He still crows, he’s still airbone, and he’s still played by a female, this time by the lovely Allison Williams,
leather uggs boots flying live on NBC
who plays a recurring role on HBO’s acclaimed series “Girls,” and whose father, Brian, is a NBC news anchor.

She’ll be joined by Oscar winning actor Christopher Walken, whose creepy goodness seems ideally suited to Captain Hook, but whose methody acting and laid back nature might give one pause when casting a major musical. At least one other song has been dropped, another reinstated from its pre Broadway tryout, and a further three added using tunes from other Comden and Green scores for other musicals, with new lyrics by Green’s daughter,
leather uggs boots flying live on NBC