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>> Re: Using Superglue for cooling? check it out

Super glue, if you’re talking about ones with a little squeeze tube, is not meant for heavy duty bonding of heavy objects. Especially, like you said, you’re only using small drops on the corners, there’s no way it can hold the weight of the 2nd heat sink. Unless you’re using a PC case, which the mobo is laying flat horizontally.

You need some heavy duty epoxy sealant in order to do the job. Or just weld it together, like already mentioned. Or make some kind of clip to fasten them together.

Now regarding heat transfer, like many already mentioned, stacking 2 heat sinks together may not really improve heat transfer. It all depended on the thermal property of the heat sinks. The contact surface between the two sinks will need to be seamless. Surface you showed in your picture, with grooves and imprint of a company name, will definitely not work. You probably need to lap and polish the surfaces, and join them together with even application of thermal paste / glue.

I would not recommend glue for any sort of purpose around a heat source.

Seattle was burnt down because someone in a shoe repair store heated up glue. Glue does not boil off like water or other liquids. It reaches a certain temperature and then flash ignites.

It’s much like candle wax. You can melt it, and stay liquid, but if you increase the temperature it suddenly is on fire.

I think heating up glue is a great way to create nasty fumes as well. Super glue fumes are not exactly non toxic.

Birds can drop dead from those types of fumes so I hope you don’t have a parrot in the house.

>> Re: Using Superglue for cooling? check it out

IMO if you swapped the heatsinks around you would have a better chance of this having some sort of impact.

Put the second, non gigabyte copper heatsink on the chipset, and try to adhere the gigabyte one to that,.

There is far more surface area on the copper heatsink, so far more contact to the Gigabyte heatsink would be made, and therefore theoretically more heat transfer. Peaceful

Apr 19, 2010, 08:01pm EDT

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>> Re: Using Superglue for cooling? check it out

For the last poster (Kathryn D), you have a point.”In its liquid form, cyanoacrylate consists of monomers of cyanoacrylate molecules. a flashpoint of 79 C”

If the NB is heating up more than 79C, it could burn. But then he’s not talking about applying it directly on the chip. he’s talking about bonding two heat sinks, which the surface could be much cooler. But who knows.

Dude, just use thermal glue and some clip to fasten the heat sinks, if you really want to experiment with your “experimental stack able heat sinks”. LOL
ugg outlet store Using Superglue for cooling