genuine ugg boots Utah model with 34MM breasts was raised as a Mormon

ugg trainers Utah model with 34MM breasts was raised as a Mormon

Allegra (pictured in her younger years) says that although she agrees with the core values of the Mormon religion she couldn’t ‘live with some of the principles’

‘After you breastfeed children your breasts are not as cute as they once were,’ she said.

‘I’ve actually got ‘boob greed’ I see something that I love, that is clearly bigger than I am, and I think, “Oh, I am greedy for that.” You know I just want it.

‘The word ‘greed’ does have a kind of negative connotation but I did this for myself and the more that I did, the more that I wanted to do.

‘I had women come out of the woodwork that I knew who said “I love the way you carry them. I would love to have bigger boobs but I worried about being slut shamed” or “I am worried about what my family will think”.

‘I want to be the 21st century poster woman for carrying big breasts and making them be classy and still not just be pigeonholed as maybe in the porn industry or as a stripper.’

The feedback that Allegra received from her second breast augmentation was so positive that it gave her the idea to go into glamour modelling full time.

Her third surgery was paid for by a benefactor that she met through the My Free Implants website.

Allegra says that her breasts are difficult to negotiate when she plays piano

Tissue expanders were installed which enable her to inflate her breasts via a port by injecting them with saline. Allegra’s breasts can now weigh as much as 20lbs.

She said: ‘They are usually used for breast cancer survivors and they put it under the muscle and expand the tissue after a woman has a mastectomy.

‘The expander for me is used obviously for a different purpose. It is a 2000cc bag put under the muscle, which is accessed with a syringe.

‘I do 60ccs at a time but I have done as much as 340 or 320 CCs on each side and I do that every two to four weeks but I have been at the size now for a couple of months.’

Allegra is now on a mission to prove that large breasts shouldn’t have negative connotations

‘I am nearly 50, and I’m still growing my breasts!’ she said.

In total Allegra estimates she has spent around $75,000 (57, 750) on surgery.

As well as her three breast augmentations, she has had a Brazilian butt lift, a tummy tuck, upper and lower silicon lip enhancements, Botox and fillers.

The 5’7′ model makes close to six figures featuring in modelling shoots and selling shots of herself online.

And Allegra credits her breast inspirations as country singer Dolly Parton and actress and model Pamela Anderson.

Allegra has no idea what cup size she is the last bra size she remembers was 38HHH, but ‘that was more than 2,000ccs ago.’

‘Also, one of the big reasons why I got a boob job is so I wouldn’t have to wear a bra because I just don’t like them!’ she added.

In total Allegra estimates she has spent around $75,000 (57, 750) on surgery

Nevertheless she acknowledges that having such large breasts can make some daily tasks more challenging than normal including doing up her own shoes or just walking through a doorway.
genuine ugg boots Utah model with 34MM breasts was raised as a Mormon