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Cops shoot and kill Queens gunman who opened fire at NYPD: police Queens gunman shot dead by NYPD: police

facebook email Police investigate the scene on HIllside Ave. and 168th Place in Queens where cops shot and killed a man who fired at them on Wednesday. (Sam Costanza/for New York Daily News)

Cops shot a man dead in Queens after he fired on them Wednesday, an eyewitness and police sources said.

Police rushed to the scene after receiving calls that a 30 year old white man fired a shot seemingly unprovoked into the ceiling of the SBS Hillside bar on Hillside Ave. and 168th St.

“The guy just snapped,” said bouncer Eric Vincent, 45. “Everything changed in a split second. Everything was good, everybody was having a good time, and it all changed in a split second.”

Vincent said the gunman, who he had never seen before, had been talking with a regular at the bar before he started shouting and pulled out a black pistol.

“The shooter was sitting there with Raymond, everybody was doing their thing watching TV, listening to music and all of a sudden the shooter tells Ray, ‘Get away! Get away! Don’t touch me!’

“Then he pulls a gun out and he’s just aiming down for like half a minute, like letting everybody know he had it. Then he just raised up and shot the ceiling,” Vincent recounted.

The bouncer said the gunman then ordered the patrons to leave and for Raymond to follow him.

Police secure the entrance to the SBS Bar on Hillside Ave. (Sam Costanza/for New York Daily News)

“He yells,
ugg trainers with fur Queens gunman shot dead
‘Everybody get out!’ and then told Raymond to ‘Come with me. Let’s go.’ Then he started walking to the door by himself, so I told Raymond to come to the back of the bar.”

By that point, the bar’s manager and several other people had already called police to report the unhinged shooter, Vincent said.

Responding officers quickly pulled up to the scene in both marked and unmarked patrol cars, according to Vincent.

“I told them he was wearing a blue jacket and ran up the hill and the cop said, ‘Get in,’ to help ID the guy.”

Spectators stand near the scene of the shooting in Queens. (Sam Costanza/for New York Daily News)

As cops descended on the unidentified man from the north and south on 168th Pl. between Hillside and Highland Aves., pinching him between them, the man turned and fired a shot at them, Vincent and police sources said.

“He was in the middle and cops was coming up both ways and I guess he felt trapped and started shooting,” Vincent said.

“I heard them yell, ‘Shots fired! Shots fired!’ over the radio,” he said. “I was a little scared. I just crouched in the back seat and stayed down.”

Investigators gather evidence at the scene on Hillside Ave. and 168th St. in Jamaica. (Vic Nicastro for New York Daily News) Cops gather evidence in the aftermath of the Wednesday night shooting,
ugg trainers with fur Queens gunman shot dead
which left only the gunman dead. (Vic Nicastro for New York Daily News)