ugg boots cleaning kit Pumpkin pie cookies that only need 5ish ingredients

office ugg Pumpkin pie cookies that only need 5ish ingredients

Now that the weather is getting more chilly, students are starting to break out their North Face jackets and Ugg boots. But these clothing items aren the only things suddenly invading our campus. The cooler temperatures have brought with them an influx of pumpkin products from pumpkin lattes at Peet to pumpkin pie at Crossroads. In the spirit of fall, I tested out (and modified) a recipe from Detoxinista for pumpkin pie cookies. But these aren your average cookies in addition to only requiring five(ish) ingredients, these are also vegan and grain free!

My experience didn go as smoothly as I expected I ran out of almond butter and bought the wrong pumpkin puree but the end result was still delicious.

My first mistake was buying pumpkin pie mix instead of pumpkin puree (at the time, I thought they were the same thing). To account for the added sugar in the pumpkin pie mix, I added half the sugar the recipe called for and also substituted brown sugar for the maple syrup.

After adding the pumpkin puree and sugar, I proceeded to mix in all the almond butter I had about 3/4 cup. I substituted sunflower seed butter, which I happened to have lying around my fridge, for the remaining 1/4 cup of almond butter. It didn noticeably affect the taste. I would also recommend using peanut butter thought I haven tried it, I have a feeling it would be awesome because peanut butter is the best (duh).

Finally, to add some pizazz to my cookies,
ugg boots cleaning kit Pumpkin pie cookies that only need 5ish ingredients
I tossed in two handfuls of chocolate chips and some raw chopped pecans. Adding pecans wasn suggested in the recipe, but pecans and walnuts have a very soft, melt in your mouth texture without being too overbearing.

There is no flour in this recipe, so don be alarmed if your batter is more gooey than normal (but please be alarmed if it is really gooey, like cake batter). Also, if you new to vegan baking, prepare yourself to have to deal with items being a lot more crumbly than usual.

The cookies took me about 20 minutes to bake. Why? I not really sure, but just keep checking on your cookies after the 10 minute mark.

One thing I was a little disappointed with was that the cookies, though delicious, didn taste a lot like pumpkin pie. I could taste the pumpkin, but the flavor wasn overwhelming. But that didn stop my friends most of whom swear by cooking with butter, eggs and flour from gobbling up the cookies like a Thanksgiving turkey.
ugg boots cleaning kit Pumpkin pie cookies that only need 5ish ingredients