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ugg shoe boots Public informed about Sexually Violent Predator at community meeting

On Thursday evening, November 9, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office held a public meeting to relay to the public that a sexually violent predator had moved into Akron. The crowd was bigger than the department expected, as approximately 100 people attended the meeting.

Brittani Kusel, Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office, sent the information that follows on how a sexually violent predator (SVP) is determined.

2. Offender moves to Colorado from another jurisdiction where he/she was ranked as the highest risk/registration level in that jurisdiction and CBI makes the finding (equivalency).

If ALL criteria are met, the offender MUST have the assessment. A video was shown first on sexually violent predators and it cited some cases which caused the legislation to be passed in most states. Note cards were passed out and people were told to write down their questions.

Kusel said the person who moved into Akron is Michael David Simpson. He lives at 418 Main and lives with other sexual offenders. He is unemployed and drives a 1999 tan Ford pickup. He was convicted of rape in the first degree, intercourse with person less than 11 years old and the crime occurred in New York. He has lived in Morgan and Logan Counties before moving to Akron. Sheriff Stivers said he registered about a week or so ago and they wanted to let the public know as soon as possible. They received help from Sgt. Bill Dolan of the Sterling Police Department, so there would be no question about the meeting.

Kusel then started answering the questions that had been written down. One of the most common questions was why he was allowed to live near the park. The answer is that he has served his time and is not on probation or parole, so he has the right to live anywhere he wants. The only requirement of him now is to register quarterly with the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff said to talk to your children or else take them to the park yourself and not let them go by themselves. Keep an eye out and if you see something that bothers you, call the Sheriff’s Office.

The department had already notified the schools and day care centers and homes in town, and also residents living within a two block adius of the home of the SVP in town, so they knew about the SVP who had moved here. He was arrested by the Sterling Police Department for failure to register as required, but he registered at the Sheriff’s Office soon after moving to Akron. Simpson is not required to take any programs or lessons or anything else, as he has fulfilled all those requirements. He is required to register quarterly since he is listed as a sexually violent predator and the Sheriff’s Department will check on his status quarterly.

Stivers said, “I don’t anticipate any problems.”

There are 18,831 registered sexual offenders in Colorado. Of those, 205 have been labeled as Sexually Violent Predators. Washington County has 20 registered sex offenders and two of those 20 have been labeled sexually violent predators. To receive a list of those names, you can go to the Colorado Department of Investigation web site at:

or a list can be requested from the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Department does not anticipate any problems, but they wanted to and are required to tell the public about Simpson’s living in Akron. Just make sure your children are warned to stay away from strangers and to avoid getting into any situation that bothers them. The most important piece of information is for the children to be safe at all times.

Anyone that could not attend the meeting, but would like information, please go to the Sheriff’s Office and they will provide you with a packet of information and answer any questions you might have.
cheap uggs online Public informed about Sexually Violent Predator at community meeting