ugg tan boots Why we don’t like the New England Patriots

baby blue uggs Why we don’t like the New England Patriots

1. Tommy Terrific

C’mon, man, you didn’t think we were just going to ignore Mister Perfect, did you? This guy goes from being a nobody sixth rounder out of Michigan to quarterbacking an NFL dynasty to three Super Bowl championships. Of course he got the Brazilian model to fall for him. We just threw up in our mouths.

Bill Belichick might be a genius play caller, but if there’s a more smug character in today’s NFL, we’re sure we haven’t met him. He runs his program like a Stalinist gulag. And he never smiles. And, seriously, what’s with the hooded sweatshirts, Pops?

3. Patriot Way

Fellow Kansas Citians, you’re excused for having had your fill of the Patriots’ supposed can’t miss mystique. Rememeber how Scott Pioli came here expecting to make this Gillette West? What a bunch of candy wrappers that turned out to be.

4. Bawston Fans

As if the accents weren’t enough, these people still revel in a remarkable decade of success (as they’re happy to remind you). In the 2000s, Boston’s pro teams claimed eight championships: three each by the Pats and Sox and one apiece by the Celtics and Bruins. In 2011, when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, Boston teams owned all of the four major crowns (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) at once.

5. Trippy Tight Ends

We rather dig the fact that Rob Gronkowski’s a good ol’ bro partier who’s known to sport a K State tee now and again (his younger sib plays for Bill Snyder). But this Aaron Hernandez cat, what the It’s one thing to pal around with porn starlets and let teens take Jell O shots off your six pack; it’s another entirely to be accused of multiple murders.
ugg tan boots Why we don't like the New England Patriots