ugg scuffette ii slippers What Your Designer Style Says About You

ugg site What Your Designer Style Says About You

It’s fashion’s version of Game of Thrones.

Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow (and his IKEA rug coats) may have House Stark, but in real life, celebs pledge their allegiance to just as fierce fashion houses. Dior, for example, is killing it of course. bold branding and logos, everywhere, we can’t help but notice the stars, models and muses staying loyal to a specific cadre of fashion lords.

Unless you’re Beyonc in which case you regularly wear them all, like the queen you are.

The truth is most celebs their stylists personal and business relationships with certain designers. You’ll see Kristen Stewart wearing and attending Chanel shows because she not only fronts many of the brand’s ad campaigns, but Karl Lagerfeld considers the actress one of his muses. Likewise, Rihanna is the face of Dior, so it would make sense she’d be outfitted in Parisian couture at most times.

It should be noted that celebs are not beholden to one brand and do occasionally mix things up which style squads are they typically drawn to? More importantly, which house do you belong to? Take our quiz to find out. You always want to look put together and have unapologetically luxurious and sophisticated taste. You agree with Karl Largerfeld when he says, “I don’t want to look sloppy, because then I feel sloppy.” You’re timeless, but that doesn’t mean you’re boring. Just like the brand’s futuristic fall 2017 collection, you stay true to what works for you but will modernize your look depending on current inspirations. Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing is all about diversity, which makes every celeb from Kim Kardashian to Jourdan Dunn to Rosie Huntington Whiteley want to be part of this crew. “I don’t believe in just one person because I believe in so many, who are so different,” Olivier told E! News. The only criteria to join this army? You have to be strong and bold enough to break through your own boundaries. What does that mean on a tangible level? Wear something you’d never thought you would tomorrow. Even if you might have a quiet presence, like Dakota Johnson or Elle Fanning, you have a perspective and you express it through your style. A one note ensemble doesn’t do it for you; there has to be a loud embellishment somewhere in the mix, whether that means embroidered denim, fur lined mules or head to toe ruffle detailing. You think outside the box, which is why you agree with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele when he says, “Contemporary is whatever your head wants it to be.” There are no rules. It’s no wonder that so many celebs want to hang out with your house. You’re not intimidated by others who may seem more glamourous or prestigious, because you’re comfortable in your own skin and style. There’s a reason why so many high profile celebs are besties with Michael Kors can do a lot in the simplest ways, which makes this squad one of the most popular in the game. “Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways,” he once said. Practical and perfectly clothes minded.
ugg scuffette ii slippers What Your Designer Style Says About You