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Fade In cares. She really does. When not hiding from HYDRA or those ominous white vans and their dart drones, Lunair is trying to help people in M Town or puttering around and picking off mobsters and their ilk. She’s still got an old apartment she uses as a safehouse, and being worried about a certain Speedster’s sister, she’s going to take her shopping and to the room. “Let’s see. This is the spot.”

Lunair has agreed to meet up at a particular area, just outside the mall. She is in a long, navy blue military style coat that looks more for fashion than warms. She hops on a single foot and twirls around while waiting. The mall is actually, thankfully not crowded. People, especilly teenagers, might be milling about especially the anime, book stores and the Dreaded Hot Topic. So far, so normal.

And here comes Wanda. Reluctantly. She is not one for crowds and, thankfully, crowds aren’t one for her either. The dumpster dwelling woman with the clothes and odour to match sticks to the shadows as much as she can before making that final amble over to where Lunair waits. There is nothing fashion about Wanda. Black boots (with holes in the souls), torn black tights, short black dress with missing strap and blood stains, fingerless leather gloves that were not designed to be and a scarlet jacket over it all that has been recently shredded by an exploding church ignore the bits of blood and brain that may be present. “Hello” she greets Lunair with a nervous smile and an Eastern European accent. “This is the

Zee wants to check in on Wanda, their last meeting had been a little worrying for the young magi. Zee also has a feeling, nothing specific, that a certain shopping centre is where she might find her. Focussing her power and murmuring her spell, Zee teleports into an area not too far from Lunair, with a soft ‘pop’ sound.

Zee’s wearing black leather trousers, high heel knee high boots with buckles and a candy apple green crop top under a black denim jacket. She’s also wearing the diamond encrusted collar and an emerald pendulum on her left hip.

Turning slowly, Zee surveys the area and sees Lunair and Wanda. Waving, the raven haired woman makes her way towards them.

His tail looped around his waste to draw less attention, Simeon has his Leather Jacket and Motorcycle Helmet (both Black with a thick silver stripe up the middle in back) to conceal his distinctive features. At the moment he’s checking out the display in the front of an exotic automotive parts supply shop, not that anyone can see his eyes behind the black visor of his helmet.

Lunair do care! Lunair smiles, waves, nodding to Wanda. “Hi there!” She looks duly concerned, eyes widening at Scarlet’s state. “Oh are you hurt?” She looks to Scarlet, now fretting. While Luna has a problem emoting, not so much right now. And then sudenly, a Zee literally pops in. “HI!” Startled, yes. She waves. She is unaware of Simeon just yet, but Lunair is also distracted by the blood (!) and disrepair of Scarlet’s clothes.

“How are you? It is the mall,” She nods. “We’re going to get you some things and take you to my safe apartment. The spare room is yours, so you can probably get some decor, too.”

Matt Murdock kind of hates the mall. It’s loud, crowded, echoey usually not at all helpful. But there are some things that can’t be bought online and it means that he actually has to brave the ‘suburbs’ to go to one of the malls. This one is the closest one to Manhattan, so it was the winner.

The tapping of his cane might not be heard over the muzak being piped through the sound system or the teenagers hanging about, but Matt Murdock is, as swiftly as he can, making his way to the shop he wanted to go to.

He’s actually having to slow down some because of the relative strangeness of the mall, but because people are just looking at their phones and not paying attention.

“Hurt?” Wanda seems confused by the question before she shakes her head. “Things are too loud” she adds, waving a hand at the mall around them, “But we are not hurt.” A pause. “Decor? I do not know how long I will stay. Pietro will want to get somewhere to live with me.” She is quite, foolishly, convinced that they will get back together soon. Then there is the hint of magic in the air and Wanda giggles at the sudden appearance of Zatanna. “I wish you could teach me magic” she sighs before hugging the sorceress. Her blue eyes study the area. Someone full motorcycle clothes. A blind man avoiding teenagers acting like they are blinder. “Things are safe” Wanda surmises before hissing at something unseen behind her. “I know! I saw!”

Zee gives Wanda a quick once over, not a lot different from the last time she saw her. “Hey Lunair, how are you?” Zee smiles at the other woman and then looks backto Wanda “Maybe I can, Wanda, maybe I can Zee muses a little, she’s beginning to understand more about this woman.

Glancing around, the young magi’s eyes light on the figure in motorcycle gear, and she cants her head slightly before letting her gaze sweep the rest of the mall, rolling her eyes a little as the teens ignore the man with the cane. “Did I hear you were going shopping, Lunair? That’s a great idea. I offered Wanda some clothes the other night, but she wouldn’t hear of it.”

Perusing the exotic parts display, Simeon unzips two of his pockets, pulls out a palm pilot with one hand and a cell phone with the other, and seems to type on both with his thumbs, then lifts the phone to his ear while his other hand continues to thumb type rather furiously. After a few seconds he speaks into the phone, “Hey, Benji, the Exotic parts store in the Haven Area Mall has those lamborghini parts you need for Mister Malfoy’s engine at about 1/4 the price Hainbach quoted you. I’m going to say this again though, you need to stop dealing with Hainbach, and you need to talk with Mister Malfoy about the issues with maintaining a Lamborghini in the States, let alone in New York Traffic.” he then sighs and nods, “Yeah, I took notes on the prices. See you on Monday.” then clicks the phone and puts it away, only then putting the other device away as well and rezipping both pockets. He turns and begins to glance around the mall, his shoulders relaxing a bit as if he can now enjoy the mall at his leisure.

Lunair nods. “Okay, no decor. Just some clothes, sheets and things. Maybe some soap if you like, since ” Pause. There’s an owlish blink at Wanda and Zee. Magic is so not her thing. And they might as well be speaking Ancient Greek to her. Lunair nods. “We are. And we can get some clothes, though I wouldn’t force anyone,” She admits. “But it might feel safer to have some new get ups. I bet they even have some cute things she’d like. It’s good to see you, Miss Zee.” A polite smile.

Then, there’s a fellow walking around. Lunair gives Simeon a curious look. “Wow, that all sounds super expensive.” Nevertheless, Lunair doesn’t pry too much. And there’s a man with a cane. She frowns faintly at people’s reactions to him. Hmmm. “He’s okay, right?”

It’s probably no worse than navigating New York sidewalks outside, there’s more air and space for the sounds and disperse. Inside a mall, even if it’s tall or large, it’s still inside. There are all the people, the Food Court, the coffee shop, and, don’t forget, the ever invasive Yankee Candle.

It’s no wonder that the man with the cane sneezes a few times.

Wanda looks over at Matt Murdock, studying him eyes flaring red for a moment before she turns back to Lunair and nods. “He will be fine” she assures, “I think I have seen him before. Out there.” A wave of her hand towards the world before she grins like a maniac at Zatanna. “Don’t tease about the magic.” A nod to Lunair. “Clothes. Sheets. Soap.” That last one gets a frown before she looks back at the sneezing man. “He can help choose” Wanda suddenly decides because there is no one better at clothes shopping than a blind man. She strides right on over to him though he will smell her coming before he hears her. “I need your help” she says to Murdock. “I do not shop very well.” Then she leans in to whisper in his ear.

“Good to see you too, Lunair. Hope all is well.” Zees not into cars or mechanics, so Simeon’s words are lost on her but as Lunair looks at him curiously, she smiles over before glancing back to Wanda “I’m not teasing.” she murmurs watching the woman approach the man with cane.

Folding her arms loosely over her chest, the young woman smirks a little as Wanda whispers into Matts ear. “This should be interesting.”

Matt Murdock does start to move around the woman coming towards him he can smell her, but that didn’t seem to work as she was stepping right to him. “Excuse me?” is asked when he’s requisitioned for help. The whisper in his ear get a brief jaw tic, no doubt because it was rather loud to sensitive ears, “I’m sorry, miss, but I think you might be confusing me for someone else. I don’t tend to hang around in alleys.”

“Well, I don’t think you want to use my soap. Do you? I don’t know,” Lunair considers. “It was more something you would have, wherever you go,” Lunair smiles. And to be fair to Matt, Yankee Candles tend to clobber everyone’s senses. Lunair nods and listens to Zee and Wanda. “Okay, if you like.” A polite smile. Lunair will roll with it. Lunair really doesn’t know any better. Her frame of reference is different than most, and far more blank. “I am well enough. No dart drones this week,” She seems happy about that.

“We can also get snacks and drinks as you like,” She offers. Lunair smiles faintly as Wanda approaches Matt. “Oh dear.” She looks uncertain.

Wanda nods slowly to Matt’s reply but thankfully doesn’t add tapping to the side of her nose in an ‘I know to keep quiet’ manner. Not that he would see her if she did. “I understand” she smiles happily before looking back over at the girls. “This man will help!” she calls out she has no social filter. Wanda winks at Lunair. “I think it is more like /you/ don’t want me to use your soap.” And, yes, this is being yelled across the hall of a major shopping center and attracting a couple of looks security. Is that a well dressed lawyer type being accosted by a homeless woman?

Zee smirks a little, life is never dull where Wanda is concerned. “Shall we head over, Lunair? Our presence may settle things a little.” Walking to where Matt and Wanda are Zee flashes a big smile, it doesn’t matter if it’s seen or not, it will change the tone of her voice. “Hello, I’m Zee and these are my friends Wanda and Lunair.” Zee goes to hold her hand out and thinks better of it.
ugg kensington 1969 boots black Witch Shopping