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joslyn ugg boots What’s the focus the last two weeks

I think the union’s potential (hopeful) involvement in this issue with the NFL in the offseason will be worth following closely. I seriously wonder how many union members are glad Davis got his suspension reduced.

Comment From Jack

I hate to be asking this in December, but who are our upcoming free agents?

Everyone from the 2014 draft class, except Clinton Dix, because the Packers exercised the fifth year option on him. So that’s Adams, Linsley, R. Rodgers, Janis, Goodson. Also Evans, House and Brooks were signed to one year deals this year. Burnett’s deal is up. There are others I’m missing, but that’s off the top of my head.

Comment From Jon from Tallahassee

Hi Mike thanks for doing the chat. Now that the games don’t matter for playoff purposes, should the Packers sit their veteran super stars? Maybe treat it like pre pre season for next year and get the young guys some experience and more film?

I don’t see McCarthy doing that. He didn’t in 2008 when the playoff hopes were extinguished. I could see him rotating in more young guys here and there to get some snaps, but I don’t see the regulars, if fully healthy, just totally sitting out.

Comment From Andy

Since the Packers won’t be in the Super Bowl, which two teams would be your personal preference as the Super Bowl match up?

I don’t have a preference of who I’d like to see, more who I don’t want to see. The Vikings and Patriots would be at the top of the list, as far as the teams that have clinched playoff spots at this point.

Comment From Ron

Will the Packers make any “BIG” changes with management or player personnel for 2018?

I really don’t know. I’m just being honest. McCarthy always evaluates everything with the coaching staff at the end of the season, and he’ll do so again. Personnel? I don’t see Thompson retiring if that’s what you’re asking.

Comment From Guest

Wow. No Pro Bowlers. What does that say about the group of players we have? Thanks!

Everyone wants to make this an indictment of the entire roster. The Packers won 3 games without Rodgers. In 2013, they won two games and had a tie, and nobody was voted in to the Pro Bowl then, either, as I recall. Lacy and Sitton went as alternates. If you don’t win games, you won’t get recognition unless your stats are just too incredible to ignore.

Comment From Joe

Hi Mike, How did Martinez get snubbed? Not even an alternate.

The recognition never comes the first year. It always comes later. Now he’s on the radar, so if he follows it up next year with another good season, he’ll have a chance.

Comment From BrettGB

Get loud Lambeau! I don’t want to see any purple in the stands on Saturday!

I have a feeling there will be plenty. Vikings fans are enjoying this ride, as they should.

Comment From Jack

If we just got rid of HD and super slo mo, we wouldn’t have all these controversies. That’s not going to happen, but that’s the only way to avoid them, frankly.
pink ugg slippers What's the focus the last two weeks