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At the age of 16 he began his journey as a pilot, he got his license at the age of 17 bought his first at 19. In 1949 he served in the Navy for a few short months before joining the Air Force from 1949 1952. Gregoire Sons as a Texaco consignee. In October of 1965 he married Karen J Fahey had three children, Rob Gregoire, Renee Gregoire Serr and James Gregoire.

His true passion was flying. In his forties he flew every weekend he could from Great Falls to his “cabin” on Swan Lake, announcing his arrival with a low fly by that thrilled his kids and annoyed his neighbors. In 1988 he moved permanently to his Swan Lake residence, and eventually to a home on the Ferndale airstrip. In his 70’s he became a certified flight instructor and in his 80’s he was giving his children ulcers by still doing loops and rolls in his high performance “experimental” RV 8 airplane. He frightened excited many people by taking them for rides in the RV 8 and most said the ride was the highlight of their lives. He was still flying just weeks before his passing. During his 70+ years of flying he piloted over 60 types of aircraft.

His other passion was his children, he taught them all the fun things in life including skiing (on snow and water) snowmobiling, driving,
girls black ugg boots Bernard Robert Gregoire
flying, camping, riding horses in the Bob Marshall wilderness, fishing much, much more.

He is survived by two sons, a daughter, four grandchildren and his longtime love Punky. He had a fun filled and exciting full life all the way until the end. He was a son, a dad,
girls black ugg boots Bernard Robert Gregoire
an uncle a friend to so many is missed dearly. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to Angel Flight West in his name.