ugg slippers clearance Best Black Friday Deals 2016

classic tall black ugg boots Best Black Friday Deals 2016

The Christmas countdown has officially begun. That means Christmas lists must be met and the only way we can make sure it’s the best one yet is if we cash in on those big Black Friday deals.

This year, the bargain sales day falls on Friday 25th November 2016.

It’s a tradition that started in America, where stores would drop their prices the day before Thanksgiving. Retailers in the UK introduced the sales day over seas to entice shoppers on the run up to Christmas, hoping to cash in.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The name is thought to stem from the ‘black ink’ used on balance sheets from the huge profits the retailers make on this day, rather than red ink used to identify a loss. Some would argue that it’s referred to as Black Friday because of the chaos it causes in the stores, when shoppers loose all sense of inhibitions in order to get their hands on a bargain.

How to avoid getting ripped off on Black Friday

With all the deals from big brands being thrust in our faces, it’s easy to get carried away in the mayhem. Here’s how to ensure that you don’t get ripped off during the shopping season.

Make sure that was you’re buying really is a bargain by taking a step back to think if the offer is exclusive to Black Friday, and isn’t available any other time of year. Often they are but you don’t notice them because you’re not focussed on them at the time.

Take a closer look at the product you’re buying is it the latest model? Often retailers use Black Friday as an excuse to get rid of old stock.

Avoid scams by being wary when clicking on links sent in emails promising extra special deals. They are likely to take you to phishing websites and before you know it, they’ve got your bank details.

Purchases made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday have the same refund terms as any other day, so if the product isn’t right then get a refund. However, it is already offering up to 70% off some of its Outlet products. For now, here are a few bargains already available. There’s an impressive nine temperature settings too. The sale extends to handbags, homeware, toys and furniture.

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New Look

This year the clothing brand are taking part. We can expect party wear from winter essentials from shoes from outerwear from and menswear clothing and footwear from
ugg slippers clearance Best Black Friday Deals 2016