ugg evera Bill to move 2 Seattle elephants to Oklahoma City

ugg sale outlet Bill to move 2 Seattle elephants to Oklahoma City

SEATTLE (AP) No bargain price travel for Seattle two zoo elephants.

Woodland Park Zoo estimates it will cost $111,000 to ship its two Asian elephants to a new home at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Activists have sued to block the move and the zoo has agreed not to move the elephants before an April 3 court hearing. Activists want the elephants to go to a wildlife sanctuary.

Zoo general curator Nancy Hawkes says the transport bill is so high because moving such large animals is a specialized skill. Chai and Bamboo will travel in climate controlled containers and be accompanied by two veterinarians, two alternate drivers and three members of the zoo elephant care staff.

Once the animals arrive,
ugg evera Bill to move 2 Seattle elephants to Oklahoma City
the Oklahoma City Zoo will be responsible for all expenses related to their care. Both will remain the property of the Seattle zoo.

Kenneth 1/3 of the budget for the zoo comes from taxpayers and we have absolutely zero say in how they spend it. So taxpayers are paying. The zoo has long been a terrible place for the elephants and last yr an elephant died there. They have a documented history of poor care and inadequate facilities. They tried to breed Chai 112 times unsuccessfully (sorry Alice you can put your thumb over that bit) In their desperate attempt to get a baby to market to the public they sent Chai to another zoo with herpes and she came back pregnant but he infant died of herpes. The real controller in all of this is AZA, they are loath to send any potentially fertile animal or any animal with a market value that will bring in customers to a sanctuary. The Oklahoma zoo is only 3 acres and woodland park zoo already tried to offload Bamboo once because of her temperament with other elephants, she ended up coming back. If she doesn into the new which is highly likely she will be stuck on a postage stamp lot or in a barn just like the other elephant woodland park zoo shipped off years ago. Sanctuary is the only reasonable humane option for these poor souls that are mentally and physically broken.
ugg evera Bill to move 2 Seattle elephants to Oklahoma City