ugg black gloves Best Of Monterey County 2011

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For many, nothing could matter more than the care of their beloved Bobo so finding a local pet store that’s on top of its game is nothing less than crucial. Then again, for some the care of their car is everything, so dealerships and car washes take on added emphasis. Shoes, meanwhile, are a fashionista’s best friend, pharmacies represent real relief and tattoos are forever. The point: When it comes to shopping and services, it pays to pick a winner. Here are more than 60 to sift through (save some time and find the “Best of Monterey County” category your looking for quick and easy here):

Best Environ Mentally Friendly Business

Here come organic baby clothes. And natural body products for pets (and humans). And hypoallergenic mattresses and non toxic paints and countless other inventions that reinvent sensitivity to the environment. At Eco Carmel, the welcoming shelves are dripping with earth friendly solutions to everyday life how to compost food, pimp out your home, eat and drink and garden and create art projects with your kids. In short, Kristi Reimers’ Eco Carmel is a trailblazing, buzz generating general store. Chang’s. There’s technology in The Apple Store, GameStop and Radio Shack. There are clothes for your back at Forever 21, Lucky and Macy’s. There’s homemaking machinery over at Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn. There’s hygiene at the Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop. There’s entertainment to take in at Century Cinemas Del Monte, PetCo and the Wild Bird Center. There are even drugs at CVS, 1 cent sake at Yama Sushi and neon frill underwear at Hot Topic. Those who live to shop make it their first stop.

Best Place to Buy Art/Craft Supplies

Beverly’s Fabrics Crafts

2090 N. Fremont Ave., Monterey, 646 5141

344 Main St., Salinas 422 1508,

From paints to beads, various types of yarn, kids’ crafts, peacock feathers and scrapbooking accoutrements, Beverly’s is the place to go to satisfy your art and craft supply fix. At both locations in Monterey and Salinas, knowledgeable staff answer questions and dole out creative advice. Beverly’s also hosts classes and workshops in crafts, scrapbooking, quilting, sewing and more.

Best Antique Shop

Cannery Row Antique MallBakelite bracelets from the 1930s, complete sets of Pyrex mixing bowls, Steinbeck first editions, Lucky Strike advertisements from the ’50s (in mint condition), art deco paste brooches and 100 year old cast iron toys with working parts. So goes the assortment of wall to wall treasures on sale within this 21,000 square foot, two story warehouse. And the 150 collaborating local vendors are constantly adding inventory, ensuring that you find something fresh, vintage, rare and/or retro each time you visit.

Best Bank

Wells Fargo BankHere’s a tip you can take to the bank: Weekly readers love them some Wells Fargo. Whether it’s because of the friendly tellers and helpful hostesses (who circulate through the lines, asking customers about the purpose of the visit to further expedite the prompt service), multiple branches or free coffee, locals and Yelpers agree Wells is, in fact, the best. Boasting a stellar service shop and a well organized showroom displaying road, mountain, hybrid and kids’ bikes, as well as a great selection of accessories, it’s not hard to see why locals love Joselyn’s. Sponsoring a number of local riders in both road and cross country circuits doesn’t hurt its popularity either.
ugg black gloves Best Of Monterey County 2011