cheap womens uggs Belle Tire store proposed near Tim Hortons on Ellsworth Road

ugg boots kids Belle Tire store proposed near Tim Hortons on Ellsworth Road

Ellsworth Road. The architect for the project is Christopher Enright of Birmingham, Mich.

The 0.84 acre site is adjacent to the new Tim Hortons drive thru coffee shop at 3965 S. State St., on property owned by Ann Arbor First Martin Corporation. The former Enzo Sports Bar was demolished in September 2012 to make way for Tim Hortons, leaving room for an additional development next to the coffee shop.

City records show the 0.84 acre property has a 2013 assessed value of $121,100. Belle Tire is under contract to purchase the property from First Martin, Belle Tire’s Chief Operating Officer James Tyson wrote via email.

Plans show the existing parking lot east of Tim Hortons would be cleared to make room for Belle Tire. Plans call for 47 parking spaces.

Enright said the Tim Hortons and Belle Tire would share an access way off Ellsworth. State St. Two lanes are apparently not wide enough for the semi you saw, but since it near Logan Elementary and Clague Middle School, I would expect it to be large enough for a school bus. Certainly the one in front of Skyline High School is.

So large semi trucks cannot maneuver some roundabouts that school buses can. Maybe that was something that the planners of the US 23 Lee Road roundabouts took into consideration, what with the MALL on the northeast side. Plenty of trucks destined for that mall.

Yup. The roundabout will create major backups. There is a ton of traffic at State and Ellsworth due to many large semis moving off of I 94 at State and driving south on State. Couple those mega trucks with heavy auto and truck traffic, and it a recipe for major congestion. The roundabouts around the area are being pushed by one individual at the Road Commission. Not good. The roundabouts are far too small in diameter to accommodate large semi trucks. Earlier today, I saw a huge semi try to get around the roundabout at Huron Parkway and Traver Blvd, and it couldn make it. It had to stop, back up and stop and back up several times. Then, it made a right turn instead of going around.

I was thinking that Belle Tire customers might be interested in buying snacks from the Speedway station while their cars are worked on. But putting a Belle Tire on the north side of Ellsworth would mean more pedestrian traffic if business does pick up at the Speedway station. Points for buying gas can be used for free coffee and snacks at Speedway. What will the city eventually do to Ellsworth there, put in pedestrian islands?

Hope those Tim Horton customer motorists turning left onto eastbound Ellsworth aren among drivers who approach Zippy Auto Wash from the west. That would require quick turning in two directions in a small area, on an often crowded road.
cheap womens uggs Belle Tire store proposed near Tim Hortons on Ellsworth Road