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ugg sneakers uk Connecting bands and businesses

An Edmonton made internet radio company hopes to connect local musicians and businesses.

GRadio has been playing Edmonton music online since 2011, and, as of last November, it began offering a playlist of its business friendly tracks to interested owners.

Founder Jeff Williams discovered he could do this last year when he found out that part of his license to play and distribute music included the ability to distribute music to businesses.

is very local forward. People love to support local businesses, so why not play local music as well? short, every business in Canada that plays music in a commercial setting requires a music license to play said music, so the people who make and own the music are properly compensated for it.

can also do it for cheaper because we dealing with local music rather than Hollywood music or whatever, he said.

doing so, we ensure that the royalties that every business pays goes to artists here in Edmonton, rather than Toronto or Los Angeles or whatever. are different licenses businesses could have.

The largest one allows a business to play whatever they want, and it is based on the business square footage.

Companies like GRadio or Sirius FM can keep track of the music played in a store and reports the usage to ensure the royalty payments make it to the artists.

So far,
ugg classic short boots Connecting bands and businesses
it has Remedy Cafe and Axe Music signed on: a total of eight locations. There are a few more looking into the service, he said, though nothing confirmed yet.

more businesses we add, the more (the bands) will be making, Williams said.

way I pitch it to these businesses is: you already paying royalties for music; you may as well support local music at the same time. service pays artists out quarterly.

So far they have around 110 artists signed on, and around 1,100 tracks online and around 500 available for retailers.

Williams lists Purity Ring, which was formed in Edmonton, and Corb Lund as relatively large names signed onto the service.

of the bands are just coming up and looking. has three playlists: two on the internet, one of which is uncensored and plays at night,
ugg classic short boots Connecting bands and businesses
and the business playlist which is most suited to retail environments.