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CONNEAUTVILLE, Pa. A once bustling borough is continuing to shrink. On Friday, Conneautville only grocery store, Samuel Market and an attached gas station were closed.

“The closing of this store is a devastation to our community, said Conneautville Mayor Allen Clark.

“We no longer have a bank in town and they just kind of pulled out at a last minute notice. And now, we lost our grocery store. added, “It wasn really a big shock that they closed up. We heard all kinds of rumors. And it just sad that it has.”

Clark believes the store had difficulty selling produce, but the location was convenient for the local population.

“We have a lot of elderly residents that walk here and rely on it for food, he said.

Now, he said, residents may have to travel miles for some of their essentials.

“It very important that residents of all communities shop local. They need to keep the money here in their communities.”

As mom and pop stores face increased competition from big box stores and supermarkets in larger communities, Conneautville hopes that the void is filled.
toddler ugg boots uk Conneautville loses grocery store