ugg boots sale kids Minute Shopping For More Than Ju

ugg tall Minute Shopping For More Than Ju

With only a few more hours to spare before Christmas, shoppers across the country are going store to store to find that perfect last minute gift.

course we leave the last minute shopping till the very end, says a shopper.

Thursday was the last stretch for holiday shoppers and the big rush for stores, including many local businesses like Robert Frost Fine Footwear in downtown Traverse City.

Sales associate Nina Campbell says, sizes for everything is scattered clothing we pretty good on like Cool brand and stuff like that but, Ugg slippers and especially Hunter boots. I mean we super low on sizes or they just really scattered. She says, been extremely busy we even ran out of medium and big boxes from gift wrapping.

But last minute shopping isn just about gifts and the paper to wrap them.

Hansen Foods Manager Connie Frost says, come here on Christmas eve basically to get the small detailed things that they need for the holiday dinners, sweet potatoes,
ugg boots sale kids Minute Shopping For More Than Ju
squash all that good stuff beans from the deli and of course all of Maggie homemade baked goods. in the final rush, for shoppers at Hansen foods, planning ahead goes a long way.

Mother Tiffany Rouech says, buying a little stocking stuffers, gifts, and snacks for tomorrow because we also know that most things are going to be closed tomorrow so we stocking up for tomorrow. some enjoy the rush, the crowds and the last minute gifts, for others it can be stressful and something they try, and sometimes fail to avoid.
ugg boots sale kids Minute Shopping For More Than Ju