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ugg mens Minnesota Public Radio News

St. Paul picks Carter for mayor

The ranked choice voting system made it an interesting night. Melvin Carter was the clear winner in St. Paul. In Minneapolis, five candidates were still in contention.

As the chief official White House photographer for President Obama, Souza sometimes shot more than 2,000 photos a day. “I was there all the time,” he says. His new book is “Obama: An Intimate Portrait.”

15 year search for missing St. John’s student yields frustration, few answers

Brian Guimond says Thursday is “just another day.” But for him, “just another day” means 24 hours filled with anger and sadness over the disappearance of his son.

Report: Weinstein hired agents to investigate and suppress accusations against him

It reads like an espionage thriller: Weinstein hired multiple intelligence firms, one which used agents to extract information to try to stop The New York Times from publishing an article about him.

NPR CEO takes medical leave as harassment scandal hangs over newsroom

CEO Jarl Mohn has faced tough questions from staff over his handling of the Michael Oreskes sexual harassment scandal. He also revealed that an additional formal complaint was leveled against Oreskes.

Maine approves Medicaid expansion; referendums in New York, Ohio fail

The move is seen as a rebuke of Gov. Paul LePage, a Trump ally who vetoed the Obamacare related measure. New York rejected a constitutional convention and Ohio defeated a cap on drug prices.

In backlash to Trump, Democrat Ralph Northam wins Virginia Governor’s race

Democrat Ralph Northam rode an anti Trump wave to victory over Republican Ed Gillespie, who ran on a hard line message on immigration and social issues in the battleground state.
ugg boots classic review Minnesota Public Radio News