denim ugg boots Model now regrets controversial ads for Skaneateles Furs

ugg evera Model now regrets controversial ads for Skaneateles Furs

The model who posed for a controversial billboard and ads in 2008 for the soon to close Skaneateles Furs store said she now regrets her decision to model for the business.

“I thought they were vintage furs that were being recycled,” she said, not realizing the clothing she was promoting came from factory fur farms, which she vehemently opposes.

Hornung Devrient said that the factory fur industry is cruel and offensive, causing the needless suffering of animals for human vanity.

She ended up asking Eloise Luchsinger, the store’s owner, to stop using her image to promote the store’s clothing, she said.

Luchsinger recently announced she was retiring and that store would close at the end of January after being in business for 34 years. The business initially was named Skaneateles Fur Exchange, and Luchsinger sold used furs on consignment. She went to selling new furs and dresses, though, in the 1990s and changed the name to Skaneateles Furs.

One controversial image of Hornung Devrient promoting Skaneateles Furs was displayed during the 2008 Christmas shopping season on billboards on Route 690, in newspaper ads and on a huge banner that was hung in front of the Skaneateles Furs store on Genesee Street. It showed her on a piano with the caption,
denim ugg boots Model now regrets controversial ads for Skaneateles Furs
“Have you been very, very good?”

The banner on the downtown Skaneateles store, though, was removed after the village mayor told Luchsinger that it was “too explicit.”

Hornung Devrient said the image was “selling sex, which is what everyone does. But in a small community (like Skaneateles), it was probably not the way to go.”

She said she is not a vegan and does occasionally meat but only meat that’s raised locally and range fed. She opposes the eating of meat from factory farms, which she said is less healthy and involves the suffering of animals.

Hornung Devrient said she does not oppose hunting, as long as it’s done responsibly, “when individuals know what they’re doing and practice shooting beforehand and that they use the meat and everything.”

She is against fur trapping, though, saying it’s painful and cruel and involves suffering of animals. She said recently that Morena, her long legged Jack Russell terrier,
denim ugg boots Model now regrets controversial ads for Skaneateles Furs
got caught in a neighbor’s trap at her Kentucky residence “and I freaked out.”