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“She was actually visiting one of her sons living in Dallas, and he was graduating from school, and they were celebrating his graduation,” Garcia said.

While she celebrates, there’s trouble back home. Police say the woman she gave a room to, along with four others, ripped off a dangerous drug dealer. Seventeen kilos of cocaine totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

“When my mom got back, I told her about it, and she was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I hope it’s not who I think it was,'” Tina Tijerina said.

A man Judy knew would be trouble and he was.

“I found a bruise on her arm, and I questioned her about it,
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and she said that two gentlemen had come to her place of work, and one of them had grabbed her arm and was asking for the one young lady she had given a place to stay,” Garcia said.

The last place Judy is seen is JR’s club also on South Richey Street. A witness saw Judy leaning over a car, talking to someone. But whom?

Houston police are retracing her steps and putting new eyes on the case.

“There’s no indication she was sexually assaulted. nothing was stolen,” Detective Cervantes said.

No arrests ever came, but detectives discovered the drug dealer, who was ripped off, still threatened Judy, and she had enough.

“She got tired of it, and pretty much said if this doesn’t stop to those that were involved, if this doesn’t stop, then I’m going to tell them what went on,” Detective Cervantes said.

But who killed Judy? Was it retaliation for the dope rip off or someone afraid she’d tell?

Police count eight possible suspects. They’re trying to match to DNA found at the crime scene.

“I do, I do. I believe she knew this person,
childrens uggs uk Mom was murdered
” said Garcia when asked if she thought Judy knew the person in the car she was last seen talking to the night she died.