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The largest full moon of 2013 will be rising Sunday evening (June 23), when the moon will be at its closest point to the Earth (the perigee), creating what has become known as the The moon will appear roughly 12 percent bigger in the sky than normal. 12 percent size difference can mean as much as a 30 percent change in brightness, so this will be a particularly bright supermoon. adds that while a supermoon does happen about once a year, this year the supermoon is closer than it has been in a while.

Through the regime maintenance, professionals is going to confirm the t . Upcoming, we will move to the kitchen wherever lighting is entirely determined by dimension plus set up of the room. Fa . Aggressive demonstrations broke out last summer time thanks to undependable energy since temperatures increased by to unbearable altitudes. This particular led to this resignation of the power reverend because he received dangers plus individuals protested with regard to her resignation. This demonstrations inside The red sea evidently show the power of unified individuals.
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A convenient access to a nearby subway station or a security threat? That’s the debate over plans to add a glass elevator in a Lower Manhattan high rise building. Some worry it will attract terrorists. NY1’s Ruschell Boone explains.

Do not call them snobs or heartless people. That’s the message from some tenants at the luxury apartment building 15 Broad Street who are firmly against a plan to build two subway elevators near the building, which is directly across the street from the New York Stock Exchange.

“I think the issue is that elevator is one more way for people to get in and out without being screened. Potentially bringing in large amounts of explosives that no one can do anything about.,” said one resident.

The plan has pitted residents against each other with some calling that reasoning nonsense. They say this is a case of not in my backyard.

“I think people who are opposed to it say they don’t want these ugly or potentially ugly things coming in here. I think it’s a service to people with disabilities and I don’t think it’s a safety issue at all,” said one resident.

The plan calls for the elevators to be built at the two Broad Street entrances on the J and Z lines. Madison Equities is working with the MTA on the project because of a zoning rule that gives the developer an incentive to expand its construction project at 45 Broad if Madison also make improvements to the subway station closest to the site.

“There is nothing in the zoning resolution which says we can move this benefit to another location. This is it. This is the only chance to have it done,” said Madison Equities owner Robert Gladstone.

While the company stands to benefit from the project, the developer says after meeting with disability advocates he became even more passionate about building the elevators at a cost of $20 million.

“The MTA doesn’t have the money,
uggs bailey bow rise residents worry subway elevator could become clear target
the city doesn’t have the money, the state doesn’t have the money,” Gladstone added.

The issue was hotly debated at community board meetings about the issue.

“It’s always a balance between public good and development rights. But we are coming down on the having it accessible for all New Yorkers,” Community Board 1 Chair Anthony Notaro.

“It’s a major public embarrassment issue. Let’s be honest here. Do they really want to be the board that’s blocking the civil rights,” Disabled in Action Metropolitan New York President Edith Prentiss.

In the end, Community Board 1 voted in favor of the plan a victory for those with disabilities. They say only 20 percent of the city’s subway system is accessible.
uggs bailey bow rise residents worry subway elevator could become clear target

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Ray Foster Westgarth is available in the centre to discuss with potential learners, the advantages of the flexible learning facility using , enabling learners to build their learning around their own lifestyle. is targeted at adult education (19 and above).

The aim of this outreach learning centre is to provide on line training to adult learners aged 19 and over. This is an excellent opportunity for adults to update their skills in literacy, numeracy and IT gaining new qualifications.

One of the main aims of the learning centre is to help support the Governments strategy of focusing public funding on helping those who need it most to gain the essential skills and qualifications for employability in the UK by enabling them to undertake courses in skills for life. offers learners a new range of maths and English courses to help them improve the basic skills they need in every day life with the aim of motivating and supporting them towards achieving a certificate in maths or English at level 1 and 2. This centre is an on line testing centre for certificates in Adult Numeracy (maths) or Literacy (English). These qualifications measure skills up to the same level as a GCSE, so if there’s a gap in the learner’s qualifications, can help them fill it.

In addition to Maths and English courses also offer courses covering Skills for Everyday Life,
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which will help them improve their English and maths skills within a wide range of everyday life situations. They also offer courses in Information Technology (IT) covering basic computing, using computers, the Internet and e mail, word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. The centre also offers IT examinations in New CLAIT (Computer Literacy and Information Technology) Certificate/Diploma and the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence).

For more information speak to Ray either by calling in to the centre or telephoning on 01765 609301. Initial opening times for this centre in Ripon are 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday.
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Wild rice harvesting season opens annually between Aug. 15 and Sept. 30 and wildlife managers say it’s shaping up to be an excellent season this year.

More than 1,200 lakes and rivers in 54 counties contain wild rice, with concentrations of rice being the highest in Aitkin, Cass, Crow Wing, Itasca and St. Louis counties. Harvestable stands of rice can be found from the Canadian border down to the metro area.

“Overall, wild rice is looking great across the state,” said Ann Geisen, wildlife lakes specialist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “Some areas were affected by the cold spring or lots of rain. But for most areas it looks like it will be an outstanding year for rice harvesting.”

Peak harvesting dates are estimated to be in late August to early September as long as weather remains mild. Like other forms of gathering, finding a mentor who is willing to share their skills and knowledge can greatly improve success. Scouting lakes ahead of time can also be very helpful for finding harvestable stands of rice and to locate access sites.

Here are some updates from around the state:

Detroit Lakes Everything looks good right now for a nice fall crop.

Park Rapids Rice looks good on most local lakes and rivers.

Grand Rapids Rice looks good; seems like the perfect growing year so far.

Tower The rice crop will be average to below average due to abundant rain in June and July; plants are about 7 10 days behind schedule.

Bemidji Rice is dense in most of the rice lakes and looks excellent.

Brainerd Looks to be a good season this year; many of the area’s wild rice lakes will have good access and great rice for harvesting.

Little Falls The unusually cold spring hurt the rice, resulting in delayed growth and below average stands.

Metro area Rice is looking good to excellent.

Minnesota’s green rice law makes it illegal to harvest unripe or “green” rice. So even though rice beds may look like they are maturing well, ricers must make sure the grain is ripe before attempting to harvest it.

In addition to being a traditional food source for Minnesota’s early inhabitants and an important part of American Indian culture, wild rice is an important food staple for migrating waterfowl each fall. The growing plants also provide important habitat for fish and invertebrates.

A license is required to harvest wild rice, unless a harvester is a Minnesota resident age 17 or younger and is accompanied by a licensed harvester. Wild rice harvesting regulations are available at

Those interested in harvesting wild rice are reminded that it is unlawful to take wild rice grain from any of the waters within the original boundaries at the White Earth, Leech Lake, Nett Lake, Vermilion Lake, Grand Portage, Fond du Lac and Mille Lacs reservations except for American Indians or residents of the reservations listed.

In addition, all nontribal members wishing to harvest or buy wild rice within the boundaries of the Leech Lake Reservation must have Leech Lake Reservation permits.

Aquatic invasive species are a serious threat to Minnesota waters. Like any other water users, rice harvesters must follow cleaning protocols to avoid spreading invasive plants and animals, available on the aquatic invasive species page.
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RINO, of course, refers to Republicans In Name Only and is the pejorative term used against those who fail to march in lockstep with the so called conservative base. I used “so called” because, though the hard right faction of the party tends to be viewed as The Base, this isn’t necessarily so. My guess is there are now more RINOs than those who, though evangelical in their zeal, are poison to their party’s ability to win national elections.Yet, as always, the base manages to control the message because it is vocal, loud and, most important, makes for “Good TeeVee.” Spittle sells. Stay calm and carry on right past the elevators and leave your visitor badge on the counter on your way out the door.There are now so many RINOs wandering the barren plains that, banded together, they might even form a critical mass. A base, if you will. If only they weren’t so attractively independent. The individualist nature of those most likely to be drawn to the Republican Party is such that they tend not to gather in groups. Ostracized by their own tribe, they feel alone in their exile.Quite the opposite is true. Indeed, as the base seeks El Savior, isn’t it time for a ?Take a cue from the tea party, RINOs. Embrace your alienation. Slap a bumper sticker on your angst and rally that dispassion. Witness how bloggers turned others’ insults into a movement. What were random basement bloggers in terrycloth bathrobes and Uggs are now the respected and influential Pajamas Media, aka PJ Media.Own your insult, in other words. Why should RINOS hang their heads in shame and be relegated to the fringes of their party? The party is the fringe. Isn’t it time to reclaim the salt lick? RINOs need to be defiantly proud, aggressively centrist and unapologetically sane.There are a couple of obstacles to this obvious course. First, sane people are too busy Being Normal to organize. No, “normal” is not a relative term. We all know what normal is and it doesn’t involve carrying gigantic photos of aborted fetuses to political conventions. For example.We fetishize politics and political display in this country, or at least the media do. But The Normals really are not so interested in politics as guerrilla theater as programmers,
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consultants and spinners seem to think they are. Most would like the country to rock along without drama operating within a reasonable budget, with respect for privacy and the rule of law, compassion for the disadvantaged and an abundance of concern for national security, including border control but not necessarily drone attacks on citizens.More or less.Another related obstacle to RINOs organizing is that RINOs don’t much like organizations. Remember John McCain the Maverick? Precisely. Though long considered a RINO by his own party, McCain enjoyed kinder, gentler treatment by the media and, therefore, the sexier “maverick” moniker at least until he fell for Sarah Palin, the tea chugging Diana of RINO haters. The truth is, most RINOs, mavericks by any other name, would rather be alone, which makes playing well with others problematic.Finally, they lack the necessary grandiosity to recognize how fabulous they are. Ever seen a RINO in one of those silly hats that screams: “I Belong! I Am A Member Of The Party!”? No. They tend to be discreet strangers in a strange land, keeping a low profile and an eye cracked for signs of fellow travelers. At most, they gather in smallish groups and dine on ironically named dishes such as Baked Alaska. At their most enthusiastic, they form polite alliances, such as the “No Labels,” um, something.Sorry, guys. The sentiment behind no labels is at the core of my very being, though I prefer Walker Percy’s more eloquent imperative that we should repent of labels. It is the essence of my Moi ness: Stop fussing and fix it. But movements don’t begin with “No.” No labels is a non without a sequitur. A yield without a merge. A non starter.Thus, what has become glaringly clear is that RINOs need to stop being so normal and grant their better angels a sabbatical. Forget taking back the country. Start by taking back your party. Do it for your country.
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A few walked by with straightforward ‘thank you’ signs for mom, dad, grandparents and other family members. A few did fist pumps and other celebratory moves more associated with scoring a big goal or draining a key basket. A few did a couple of quick dance moves or waited for a classmate to catch up to do a celebratory hug. And a few simply put out their hand to show off their new X Ring.

The ‘few’ were StFX students walking by cameras capturing the StFX X Ring ceremony for all those who weren’t in the event’s location Keating Centre on the afternoon of Dec. 3.

After listing places he knew would be represented on the day, either by students or their families and friends traveling to Antigonish to join them, MacDonald talked about what makes StFX and the X Ring so special.

“Let me be clear, this spirit that captures even the parents and families, is simply not normal behaviour at any university in this country welcome to all of you to StFX,” he said.

He talked about asking students what the X Ring means to them and summarized some of the answers in his speech.

“Visual validation of your time here at StFX, a reward for your hard work, recognizes the ability to set goals and achieve them and it celebrates persistence, not only over a number of months but over a number of years,” he said. “And it’s a symbol of the shared experience that each of you has had while here at StFX three people even described today as a ‘dream come true.’

MacDonald then provided his own feelings on what X Ring symbolizes.

“Let me remind you of one item, this ring to some is simply a ring, to us, those who have walked this campus and shared this journey, I think it’s a symbol of three things; number one it represents academic excellence. A faculty who are world class scholars, teachers who go beyond the call of duty to ensure every student has an exemplary learning experience.

“It represents dedicated employees. A staff who wakes up every morning asking themselves how they might make the day a little bit brighter, a little bit better for students and make them feel a little bit more at home.

“And it represents our collective experiences the good that happens when you come to StFX. It reminds us StFX is more than just a school. It’s a place of purpose where people learn and earn the skills, knowledge and attributes that they need to make the world a better place.”

A poignant part of the ceremony was MacDonald talking about he and his wife, alumnus Mary Ellen MacPhee,
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visiting Class of 2015 member Jesse Crowley and his family in Ottawa with Jesse unable to be part of the ceremony due to illness. It was noted Mary Ellen delivered Jesse his X Ring.

MacDonald was followed to the podium by president of the senior class Kate MacDonald who also emceed the event.

“We’ve all had different experiences at X. Whether as a parent who gets their kids to school on time so you can too [be on time]. Whether you begin your program here or finish it, or as an international student, this ring unites us all,” Kate MacDonald said.

“We’ve all had a personal path that has led us to this very moment. For myself, I know going to X was the best decision I ever made.”

Kate MacDonald was followed by senior class vice president Emily Pelley who read from the writings of Dr. Moses Coady and then it was student union vice president Alicia Silliker taking the podium to introduce the ceremony’s guest speaker Dr. Andrew Howlett, class of 2002 and president of the alumni association.

Howlett mixed humour and inspiration seamlessly into his speech.

“Here we are just minutes away from the birth of nearly a thousand X Rings and, as a new father, I know these last few minutes before the delivery can be rather unbearable,” he said eliciting laughter from his audience. “Soon enough the future of these X Rings will be in your hands literally.”

Howlett included social media references in his speech including describing X Rings as the original Facebook.

“Of course we all know this is more than just a ring,” he said. “For whatever reasons, Xaverians tend to feel naked when they forget to put it on who knew it could cover up so much.

“Combine the 72 year history and reputation of the X Ring, along with your own individual stories, and you have yourself a very special ring.”

He concluded by asking the students to “promise” him three things.

“First, when you see a stranger with an X Ring say ‘hello’ and ask them what’s inscribed inside their ring. Second, should someone try to borrow, take or express jealousy for your X Ring simply say to them ‘get your own X Ring.’ And thirdly, let your X Ring remind you of your Xaverian identity and the world we’re capable of creating.”

In her ‘response to the guest speaker’s address, Hilary Perry followed up on Howlett’s speech by noting the X Ring will remind graduates of “home.”

“Of how our experience at StFX helped to make us who we are today and how choosing to attend this institution was the best decision we ever made,” Perry said.

Also taking the stage during the ceremony were Michael Thomson with an ‘explanation of StFX motto,’ and student union president Brandon Hamilton to offer thoughts on ‘Xaverian commitment’ and to present an honourary X Ring to staff member, since 1993,
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Francis Juurlink who was described a Mr. Everything for all the things he does around the school. The tasks include transporting the X Rings to the school for the ceremony.

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Rihanna had an epic dance off with Diddy’s son, Christian Combs, at the VELOCITY BLACK x 1 OAK/Up Down Desert Beach Club in Indio, California, on Sunday. French Montana, P. Diddy, Cassie, Future, Nicole Scherzinger, and 2 Chainz, and more were on hand to celebrate Rihanna’s brother, Rajad Fenty’s, 21st birthday with cocktails by Absolut Elyx and D’usse, Budweiser beer and food by CATCH. The colorful daytime event featured an exclusive pop up debut of the Katy Perry Footwear collection, and guests re fueled with vitamin elixirs, oxygen bars and reflexology massages. The fun activities also included a festive Easter egg hunt by Cover Girl, and beats spun by Mia Moretti, Balthazar Getty and Bobby French.On Saturday, Jimmy Fallon, Harry Styles and Saturday Night Live creator and producer Lorne Michaels held an after party for the ages to celebrate the show’s historic, first ever coast to coast live broadcast at New York City hotspot Zuma.Andy Cohen, Rachel Dratch, Questlove, Steve Higgins, Colin Jost, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, and many more celebrity guests joined the party at Zuma, which is known for its Izakaya style Japanese cuisine, signature Robata grilled dishes and inventive sushi.In celebration of the new 2017 Buick Encore, the brand hosted a curated road trip and wellness event, “Buick Encore Backstage Classes,” during the first weekend of Coachella at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, California. Celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak whose clients include Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna and celebrity chef Bo O’Connor shared tips and insights on how some of their A list celebs stay fit and healthy on the road.Also at Coachella, Kaleidoscope Productions and Delta Air Lines hosted “Lawn Talks,” a casual day of conversation amongst music’s top innovators, pioneers, and legends in music, technology and business during the music festival. The star studded guest list included Shay Mitchell and speakers Randy Jackson (GRAMMY winning producer), Jim Zukin (founding partner, Houlihan Lokey), and Noel Lee (founder CEO, Monster).Guests sipped on Ciroc cocktails during the event, and were entertained by “The Foodie Magician” Josh Beckerman.Singer Halsey hopped on the Three Olives “Find Otherness” bus from their desert house in Rancho Mirage, California, and headed to the Saguaro, Palms Springs for a little fun in the sun during Coachella.Joaquin Phoenix and girlfriend Rooney Mara enjoyed a movie date night on Friday, at Universal Cinemas at the Universal CityWalk in Universal City, California. While rumors that they were dating first surfaced earlier this year, the couple remained low key at dinner, though Phoenix was sporting a disheveled, faded red orange dye job that was hard to miss.”He had his arm around Rooney as they waited at the concession stand. They looked cute together like they were having a normal, couple’s night out,” an eyewitness tells ET. “Rooney seemed to be the one looking around, on alert for anyone who might recognize or spot them, looking around every so often.”Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick enjoyed a family fun day bowling with their kids, Penelope and Reign, at Bowlero in Woodland Hills, California, on Thursday.The group chowed down on fries, and were spotted filming for an upcoming Keeping up with the Kardashians episode. with Grey Goose cocktails like Le Grand Fizz, High Five, Le Melon Mule and Grey Goose VX.The “Starboy” crooner threw the bash for Belly, but he only had eyes for his main squeeze: Selena Gomez. The cuddly duo spent most of the night huddled in a corner behind a wall of security. Guests saw the couple showing off some major PDA, and sneaking in and out of the tent throughout the party.Elsewhere in couples’ news on Friday, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd were spotted leaving a date night at Chin Chin in West Hollywood, California. The twosome, who recently welcomed a son together, were “touchy feely” and “intimate,” while leaving the parking lot.At one point, Maks even pulled Peta in from behind and had his arm around her waist as they walked in unison to a black Mercedes.Meanwhile, Ireland Baldwin, Debby Ryan and Jeannie Mai attended an intimate dinner hosted by footwear giant UGG and Darling Magazine in the hills of Los Angeles, California. Chef and food blogger Lee Tilghman prepared a three course organic dinner for guests who participated in intimate conversation led by the magazine’s editor in chief, Sarah Dubbeldam, about women’s empowerment, health and wellness, pop culture and the changing seasons.The event was the latest in a series of regularly hosted dinners by Darling Magazine across the nation, where subscribers and influencers are invited to come together for an evening of conversation over a nice meal. The driving inspiration behind this facet of the Darling Movement is to bring people together to share and express their individual ideas and opinions, whether they have been friends for years or acquaintances for five minutesFat Joe hit the stage for a performance at Pepsi’s New York Yankees Home Opener After Party at Kola House in New York City.Multi platinum band DNCE dropped by The Brooklyn Bowl in partnership with M as part of the Spotlight Concert Series.Dancing With the Stars’ Jenna Johnson celebrated her 23rd birthday with a karaoke party at Blind Dragon in Los Angeles. Fellow dancers Sharna Burgess, Keo Motsepe, Artem Chigvintsev and more sang and danced all night and presented the birthday girl with a lipstick ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery.Speaking of birthdays, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Josephine Skriver celebrated her 24th birthday a few days early, with her “sister,” fellow VS model pal Jasmine Tookes, and a few other model friends at Encore Beach Club inside the Wynn Las Vegas. The blonde stunner and her pretty posse partied in a cabana overlooking the hot pool party action as David Guetta provided the soundtrack for the afternoon from behind the decks.The bikini clad birthday girl sipped on champagne as she and her besties took a twirl on Encore Beach Club’s Ferris wheel, one of the world’s most popular dayclub’s elaborate bottle presentations.Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker, surprised pediatric hospital patients at the launch of Starlight Virtual Reality at the Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday, April 12.Starlight Children’s Foundation announced the launch of Starlight VR as well as their collaboration with the program’s founding sponsor, Star Wars: Force for Change, an initiative from Lucas Films that harnesses the power of Star Wars to empower and improve the lives of children around the world. through a one of a kind, immersive experiences.
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ugg boots official site rights case adjourned after 51 years

Named after R. Lee Aamodt, a landowner and Los Alamos scientist who was the first of more than 1,000 defendants listed in the lawsuit, the Aamodt case has roiled residents of the Pojoaque Basin north of Santa Fe for decades, as local, tribal, state and federal officials have painstakingly worked to resolve a dispute over water ownership.

A settlement first reached in 2006 and approved by the court last year establishes high priority water rights for four pueblos in basin Nambe, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso and Tesuque allowing them to draw 2,500 acre feet annually, while nontribal residents are allocated 1,500 acre feet. The deal calls for a multimillion dollar regional water system, but it allows nontribal residents to opt to continue pumping limited amounts of water from wells they have been using for decades. District Court Judge William P. Johnson affixed his signature to a final judgment and decree, and declared the case adjourned, applause rang out in the almost full Santa Fe federal courtroom. government, exchanged handshakes, hugs and congratulations.

Many remarked on the significance of a day some people involved in the case did not live to see including Aamodt.

Several attorneys made a point in their remarks before Johnson to mention their age at the time the case was filed. None was much older than a toddler.

Friday’s decree marked a major milestone in the 51 year old case but it might not be the capstone. Appeals loom, and some funding for the regional water system, estimated to cost $253 million, remains contingent on a resolution to road disputes between the county and the pueblos.

The pueblos say some county roadways infringe on their land. Homeowners say the lack of clarity on rights of way is clouding the titles to their properties and threatens block access to their homes, and the county has said it will not appropriate its share of the water system funds until the disputes are resolved.

Tribal, county and federal officials gathered for closed door meetings Thursday and Friday at the Capitol to discuss the issues. Bureau of Reclamation plans to begin construction of the water system next summer.

Outside the courthouse Friday, nearly a dozen residents of the basin who have long opposed the settlement protested peacefully, holding signs reading, among other things, “We need access to our homes” and chatting about the road disputes.

Johnson openly addressed the possibility of appeals in the case. “There are parties who have been ruled against, and this is an important day for those aggrieved parties,
uggs size 6 rights case adjourned after 51 years
” he said. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

Still, the mood in the courtroom was celebratory. “It’s an amazing thing to see,” said Pojoaque Pueblo Gov. Joseph Talachy after the decree had been signed.

Santa Fe County Manager Katherine Miller called the decree “monumental.”

“As you listen to the history of the case and everyone who’s been involved, it’s really a phenomenal event, and quite a feat to get here,” Miller said.

In a hearing that seemed at times more like a graduation ceremony, Johnson credited the numerous judges, attorneys, special masters, clerks, staffers and others who had worked on the complex and contentious case since it was filed by then State Engineer Steve Reynolds, who sought to resolve water rights within the basin.

Calling himself “the new kid on the block,” Johnson briefly memorialized the judges who had worked the case before it was assigned to him in 2014. He highlighted in particular Judge Martha A. Vzquez, his immediate predecessor, who recused herself when her husband, Joseph Maestas, became a member of the Santa Fe City Council.

Other judges who once handled the case include H. senator and multiterm governor. Referring to these judges, both of whom have since died, Johnson quipped, “I made comments to my staff that I intended to see this through before I passed.”

The remark drew a round of laughter from the courthouse crowd.

Those protesting outside were not quite so enthused. Many said they were displeased that officials had been meeting in secret to discuss the roadway disputes. State Rep. Carl Trujillo, D Santa Fe, a party in the Aamodt lawsuit, attempted to attend the meetings Thursday but was asked to leave.

“We don’t have any representation in there,” said Diane Quintana, a Namb resident. “This is our government building. We should have a right to hear the discussions that affect our property.”

John Gutting of Pojoaque said area residents opposed to the settlement must now decide how they want to proceed in the case.

“Are we more aggressive, or do we let it go from here?” Gutting said. “The big thing is, we don’t have the road easements.
uggs size 6 rights case adjourned after 51 years

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ugg boots real Rigby Soars But Poor Sound Might Sink The Production

Won’t she grow up?: Apparently not.

So how does she look and how does she still do it?: She looks trim and fit and is still flying high and wide and still giving the part an Olympic gymnast spin with great tumbles, rolls and headstands.

Yes, but the part is more than flying and flipping: It sure is. It’s about character and singing. I remember from her last go round that Rigby gave a great tomboy spirit in the role but I forgot what a fine voice she has as well. Too bad about the sound.

What about it?: The sound a perennial issue at the cavernous, 2,800 seat Bushnell was terrible. One didn’t know where the voices were coming from and when you did finally figure it out it was all very muddy. Carolyn Leigh, Betty Comden and Adolph Green’s lyrics to Mark “Moose” Charlap and Jule Styne’s music were often garbled in the mix.

And the orchestra?: A decent size about 15 or so (I always take a look in the pit. And it can get pretty lonely down there with producers trying to thin things down pay stub wise). While not sumptuous, the orchestra here was fairly full, but again, the sound balance issues were too much to overcome.

What’s it about?: Boy who won’t grow up meets girl. Boy loses girl but gets shadow. Boy gets another little girl and lives happily ever after.

Who will like it?: Little boys. Little girls. Fairies. And those who love them all.

Who won’t?: Oh, there will be those who will nitpickingly compare Mary Martin to Sandy Duncan to Rigby or Cyril Ritchard to Tom Hewitt. (Actually, Hewitt’s usually delightful, effortless dash seemed to be off Tuesday night.) There were some uber elders in the audience who looked like they could have seen Maude Adams or Eva Le Gallienne in the role. I, for one, enjoyed seeing my favorite Cinderella Kim Crosby (from the original “Into the Woods”) on stage with her lovely soprano and open heart playing Mrs. Darling.

Twitter review in 140 characters or less: Cathy Rigby earns her right to crow in a fine revival of a family friendly show. But the show’s sound set up needed the hook.

Thoughts on entering the building?: What was Disney’s cartoon image of “Peter Pan” doing being projected in lights upon the Bushnell building? Let’s keep these icons straight.

Thoughts on leaving the parking lot?: Much of the show is silly kid stuff great for youngsters, which is why I recommend it as a good candidate for first time at theater show. Mermaids, pirates, sword play, forts, running away from home, alligators, big furry dogs, fairies, Indians. (By the way, can someone explain to me why “I’m an Indian Too” had to be cut from “Annie Get Your Gun” but there is no problem with “Ugg a Wugg” in “Peter Pan?” Mind you, I have no problem with either playful song. Just wondering.)

But the show still gets to me several times during the show during the softer moments and especially when the Darling children including one in the tooth Wendy learn to fly and leave with Peter to Occupy Neverland. This is when the show soars to musical theater heaven. (Ditto Ms. Rigby’s curtain call where she flies out seeming to the Bushnell’s balcony sprinkling fairy dust along the way.)
uggs bailey button sale Rigby Soars But Poor Sound Might Sink The Production

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ugg gloves sale uk Ricotta Stuffed Chicken with Black and White Gastrique

I love vinegar, can’t get enough of it, I’ve tried drinking vinegars and that’s where I draw the line, not a favorite of mine.

Vinegar is complex and each is very unique, there are lots of different flavors and most anything can be turned into vinegar that has an alcohol content. My husband makes wine and cider, sometimes it doesn’t turn out how he thought it would, too sour to consume, so he turns it into vinegar. Old wine does not become vinegar on it’s own like some people assume, you need a mother, a scoby, this blobby substance made from cellulose and bacteria that ferments alcoholic liquids into an acid. Put a mother into some old beer, wine, hard cider, wait a month or so and you have vinegar. My favorite one that my husband has made is from a raspberry wine that was very tart, it made beautiful vinegar, mostly we used it for salad dressing.

This week’s cooking challenge is vinegar, yessssss, but what to choose? My first thoughts were for my favorite vinegar dish, chicken Marbella; chicken marinated in red wine vinegar with capers,
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olives, dried fruit, oregano and garlic. It’s one of those dishes that I don’t care so much about the meat, I want the goodies and the sauce, luckily for me no one else seems to love it as much as I do so I get it all. Wahah! Or another great one is vinegar caramels, I miss read a recipe and had the best happy accident ever, I’ll have to make those soon to share with you. I decided it was best to make something I hadn’t made before so I chose a gastrique.

A gastrique is a classic French sauce made of caramelized sugar deglazed with vinegar and reduced till thickened. The sauce is both sweet and sour, deep rich flavor and can be seasoned with all sorts of things, citrus, herbs, tomato, whatever you like. I made my gastrique with honey instead of sugar and used two types of vinegar, one for sharpness, the other for depth. I drizzled the sauce over a chicken breast stuffed with ricotta and spinach, the grassy notes of the spinach paired well with the dark cherry quality of the gastrique. I served my chicken breast with horseradish and olive oil mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts in a mustard butter sauce.

Prepare the chicken breasts by slicing a pocket into the flesh, make the incision hole about two inches wide so you don’t have as big a space to close. Make it as deep as you can without cutting all the way through, you are trying to create a pocket for the stuffing.

Mix all the ingredients for the filling together, taste and adjust the seasoning.

Divide the stuffing into four portions and push into the pockets of the chicken breast, use your fingers to push it as deep as it can go. Lightly press the breast so that if there is too much filling some will ooze out now instead of into the pan. Secure the opening with two pairs of crossed tooth picks. Season the out side of the breasts with salt.

In a pan over medium high heat with a little oil sear the chicken breasts on both sides until browned. Turn the heat down to medium low and place a lid on the pan to help the chicken steam until it reaches an internal temperature of 160F. Remove from the pan and let rest while you make the sauce.

In the same pan the chicken was cooked add the honey and and cook over low heat for about 5 minutes until it becomes noticeably darker.

Add the two vinegars and cook for about 15 minutes swirling the pan occasionally until the sauce coats the back of a spoon. Season to taste and serve drizzled over the chicken.
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