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“But mateship is uniquely Australian. We are a country that celebrates individual achievement. But above all we are a country that knows we must pull together. We are a country of mates.”

What a pair of shocking bullshit artists.

I’m not the most traveled guy in the world, so it’s quite possible I’m overlooking some small nation wherein everyone thinks their neighbours suck. So would someone mind pointing out to me, with directions in latitude and longitude, these dreadful lands where friendship doesn’t exist?

I can tell you England isn’t one of them. It’s a nation that stood together, virtually alone, to fight the Axis powers before America entered the Second World War, and a nation today famous for the workers uniting against frightful opposition.

Or the United States, a country that miraculously healed itself after a Civil War, and whose brotherly love was legendary on September 11.

Or Turkey, whose love of their brother extends beyond a mere parochial jerk off, who have the humility and heart to , the tribute returned every year as we bitch at them while routinely pissing on the graves.

Not surprising, really, from a nation that, as a collection of “mates”, is a pretty fractious party. Our marriage and divorce rate is roughly comparable with the rest of the world and, according to a report by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute entitled Criminal Victimisation in Seventeen Industrialised Countries: Key findings from the 2000 international Crime Victims Survey, Australia leads the world in assaults upon our brothers and sisters.

Not, in fact,
purple ugg boots uk The Daily Truth
the envy of the civilised world when it comes to brotherly love. And it’s nothing compared the love “mates” have for those who aren’t their “mates” at all.

“Mateship” is nonsense. It’s about as uniquely Australian as oxygen, or getting dressed for work in the morning. And yet it’s peddled out every time some boofhead is stuck for an idea as to what defines Australia. Someone better think of something else, fast, before “boorishness” is the only definition that makes sense.

Ah, yes, we do like to trot out the mateship thing when the chips are down, to bolster our national identity.

The concept of mateship stems from the time post Boer war onwards. with the awful conflict of the first world war, newly baptised with the light of Federation. we were happy to see ourselves as a youthful nation and the idea of mateship was born from an us and them mentality and through the hardship and utter carnage of the battlefields.

With this new definition of Australians came the view of us as being a cohesive lot who banded togeather in times of strife. We live in more complex times. If we are looking to boost our economy, and have a big brother to protect us, maybe we should be checking out China.(yep. we are like any country that has a large mixture of nationalities that rest uneasily side by side. (Wonder what the aboriginal nations think of our concept of mateship?)

Conflict brings out the best and worst in human nature, we cannot redefine the Australian national spirit until our unity is tested once again. I’m not saying we need a war, I’m just saying we need to look at our motives for the political actions that we take. What the hell does that mean? The pollies and the press drag it out almost daily. Anyone or anything that doesn’t sit comfortably with someone for whatever reason is considered un Australian! It’s use is only testimony to the fact as a nation we’re too stupid to think through an issue or problem.

Could there be a more insecure people anywhere?

Newsflash Australians are not the ‘best people on earth’ as we like to think. We are largely no different to any other community, race or culture. Mateship is an absolute crock! Our “leaders” love using the word “mateship” and “a fair go” but I’d love to hear their explanation of it and why it is apparently so uniquely Australian. If it means sticking up for your mates, well what country doesn’t? If it means sticking up for fellow Australians and giving everyone “a fair go” it is pure hipocracy. Ask any Aboriginal or Lebanese person about the last time a fellow Aussie (politician) stuck up for them and gave them a “fair go”.

I think the use of mateship has more to do with our struggle for national identity and to find something good to come out of our history, which reeks of violence, racism and defeat.

Well done for exposing this myth. it actually has been the focus of management studies which look at how mateship is linked to management styles and Australian Corporate culture. and this may be a surprise to you you over opinionated numb nut there are distinct differences in the way Aussie males relate to each other and other cultures. that is not to say firenships, male to male conflct and relationsips are uniquely Australaian it is to say that what characterises us is mateship and all it imples
purple ugg boots uk The Daily Truth