girls ugg style boots The Development of Shoe Culture

roslynn ugg boots The Development of Shoe Culture

SNEAKER, another name, curing rubber clothe shoes, is a kind of rubber soled shoes. Rubber soled shoes rooted in a fairly modern industry invention, as the vulcanized rubber appeared, new materials and new production line were invented. The manufacturing of this kind of shoes is more efficiently and cheaper. In the 1930s and 1950s, rubber soled shoes had been twice chosen as Hollywood’s two shoes fashion style. James Dean’s appearance in the film stills by wearing jeans, T shirts and rubber soled shoes became the sample of young people.

As time goes on, shoes have become a culture, unique shoes culture, and created a number of people who love shoes and collectors. These people were called SNEAKER, through the literal suffix ER, extended to the meaning of people who love to collect shoes. After entering into the market, limited editions, player version, special edition and other expensive goods were coming out in a night and especially stimulate the birth of sneakers.

CONVERSE became the first brand of sneakers’ love in 1908. Its hundred years of history placed in American history. Shoes into life, is a sudden change in the development process of SNEAKER, including Converse’s ALL STAR,
girls ugg style boots The Development of Shoe Culture
Nike’s AIR FORCE 1, ADIDAS’ SUPER STAR, etc. These shoes lead the monotonous mechanization to comfortable, casual, fashion, and truly establish SNEAKER culture. But what pushed SNEAKER culture to the extreme, is the 1985 AIR JORDAN series basketball shoes. Nike AIR JORDON series are design for Michael Jordon personally. After Jordon series came into the market, people change their opinion in sneakers.

China’s sneaker fans are divided into three categories. The sneaker culture forefather is those who make the first study on sneaker culture. They know the shoes culture and also has its own enviable collection. They like the culture and make a contribution to its established. They develop the domestic sneaker culture. Second, for the newly friends who just contact SNEAKER culture: most of them are students, and also concerned about basketball. Students have no extra money spend in collecting shoes. But they still love the sneaker culture. For them, learn and absorb relevant knowledge, may have more meaning than simply buy a few pairs of shoes. Third, more and more young people and students joined the ranks of SNEAKER collection for a certain economic security. Not only in collections, but also in the new developing technology and new things. These people are the backbone of the domestic SNEAKER culture, but also the future cornerstone of the development of China.

Sneaer culture is closely concerned about our daily life. We should not only understand it, accept it, but also enjoy it. Shoes are a tool, service for human beings;
girls ugg style boots The Development of Shoe Culture
we could really appreciate SNEAKER culture by enjoying this service.