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Neighbors tell Newswatch 16 that this is a very quiet community, and they were stunned to learn something like this could happen just doors from their house.

“Then all of a sudden, bam. It’s thrown me for a loop. It’s crazy. We are trying to pinch ourselves. Is this real? Did this really happen?” said Harold Dover.

The Dovers were home when they got the call from Freddie Simmons’ wife saying something was wrong.

“We were getting ready to go over there, but by that time the cops were there, so they wouldn’t let us go, and that’s when we tried to figure out what happened, and they didn’t tell us anything until later,” said May Dover.

When Pocono Mountain Regional Police arrived, they found the teen. She was shot multiple times. Simmons was also found with a single gunshot wound to the head.

According to police, Simmons wrote a suicide note saying he was taking the girl with him.

“I don’t know what caused it. There has to be some kind of problems there that he didn’t convey to us, and we were close. I figured he would at least talk to Harold,” said Dover.

Autopsies are scheduled for Monday.

The Monroe County coroner tells Newswatch 16 he won’t release the name of the teen until the girl’s school can inform students.

never know why s person reacted in such way. Maybe the shooter took medication that altered rational thinking. The family has the right to know these things It can prevent future cases.

That pure nonsense. No autopsy will reveal anything like that. They write a report and file it away forever. It irrelevant and pointless.

are so insensitive until it is their blood spilled. I hope none of you go through such a tragic ordeal

what are ugg boots made of Suicide Leaves 16
Insensitive? More nonsense from you. The best way to respect the living and the dead is to let the dead rest in peace and stop robbing the property tax payers.

You missing the point completely, aren you? There are many clues about what, exactly? The victim is dead of gunshot wounds. The killer is dead of gunshot wounds. As far as public is concerned, it doesn matter why the killer did it. He dead. There is nobody to prosecute. Period. The end. Case closed. How is it in the interest of the people of Monroe County to spend probably $5000 of property taxpayers money to dissect the bodies? How are the people of Monroe County better off because of Bobby Allen costly, arbitrary autopsies?

are many, many clues to be found in and on both during an autopsy. They aren’t just going to look for residue to make sure he pulled the trigger!

Dear Quincy, the question is: there a statutory requirement for autopsies in this case and the answer is: No there is not; your irrelevant quote, taken out of context, notwithstanding. Whether or not autopsies are required in any particular case is a matter left to the discretion of the coroner. Your quote apparently has to do with the coroner statutory duty to INVESTIGATE certain types of deaths; whether or not autopsies are performed in the course of such investigations is another matter;
what are ugg boots made of Suicide Leaves 16
clear enough?