baby boy uggs uk Strive for originality in winter wardrobe decisions this year

ugg slippers clearance Strive for originality in winter wardrobe decisions this year

Now that summer, and warmth as we know it, has sprung a leak, more than cold weather is being reintroduced to Blacksburg. As swiftly as any sign or feeling of warmth leaves campus, the ugliest possible replacements for it begin to appear Uggs and North Face jackets.

Do the people who wear them really think they are making a fashionable choice?

Wearing either or God forbid both at the same time? It’s true, some people pair ugly with uglier. A black North Face jacket, jeans and Uggs: the disappointing uniform of Virginia Tech winters.

I should note that it’s most common with the women of campus; thankfully the men’s line of Uggs has not made it into the wardrobes of Tech’s male population.

It should not be so difficult to dress decently and originally in the winter, if not for the sake of your own dignity then at least for the sake of other people’s eyes. It’s the same as the white Oakley trend; you think it’s great, but really you just look unoriginal and trashy.

I hope this is an adequate expression of my contempt for those of you who wear North Face jackets and Uggs I really cannot stand it. If you had any sense of style, you would not be wearing one or the other.

Ladies, have you looked at yourself wearing Uggs? Have you noticed they make your feet look huge? Have you thought about what that does? It makes you look out of proportion, and nothing is more unattractive than being out of proportion. Your legs look either way too big or way too small (no one has legs that look good in Uggs), or it throws your appearance into a spiral of sad dismal disproportion.

I don’t even want to think about how awkward Uggs make you look from the waist up. It really is all in the details, and considering the fact you wear shoes every day (I hope),
baby boy uggs uk Strive for originality in winter wardrobe decisions this year
it’s an important detail.

North Face jackets are just too monotonous and drab; there are better options that actually make a statement. Black fleece says nothing, except maybe “I’m boring,” and it doesn’t so much say it as scream it. Fleece is a sad compromise when it comes to winter you get nothing good from it.

What about wool? Where is all the wool? What happened to chunky sweaters and off brand couture inspired pieces that look one hundred times better than a North Face zip up any day? If you wear North Face or Uggs, I’ve probably lost you by now at least that’s the impression I get, given the looks of those who wear them.

There’s a plethora of sweaters, jackets and boots specifically geared toward not making you look like a styleless slob.

Especially when it comes to boots Uggs make your feet look huge, a good pair of boots does not. I’m at a loss as to why this is even something that needs to be said, but Uggs are not flattering in any way. I understand they keep your feet warm, but at what cost? The moment I see someone wearing Uggs the original boots or the newly adopted slipper style (seriously?) I lose all respect for that person, whether I know them or not.

At that moment you become one of the least interesting people in the world to me, because of your obvious lack of originality in style and your disregard for anything aesthetically appealing. If you have no concern for your appearance your first impression to anyone who sees you then I can only assume you have no concern for anything.

If anything, the fall and winter should be the seasons where those of you who slum it, clothing wise, thrive. Bulky sweaters? Clothes that hide any sign of you having a figure? This is the time made for your fashion sense.

Wake up, throw on a wretched T shirt and top it off with a semi stylish sweater. Is that so hard?

You can’t just buy a nice pair of leather boots to replace those nasty Uggs? Is no sweater good enough to take the place of your lackluster North Face?

Don’t be afraid to spice up your wardrobe. Is there a campus dress code? Is the concept of unity so concrete on campus that it extends to your clothing? Sisterhood might be good for you,
baby boy uggs uk Strive for originality in winter wardrobe decisions this year
but individuality is nice as well.